Comics Review: Black Science #5, Loki #3, Red Sonja #8, Magneto #2, Angel & Faith: Season 10 #1

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

May contain spoilers.

Image’s Black Science #5 opens up the universe even further when Grant has to face an alternate version of himself. If indeed he’s travelling through infinite universes, it was just a matter of time until he ran into his own image.

Nathan and Pia get kidnapped from their room by a masked figure. Pia manages to knock something of his hand which happens to be some minimized version of the Pillar. Grant manages to catch up, just to discover an older, more scarred version of himself. Alternate Grant takes the children to the person they want to see the most.

Recommended with a warning. Sometimes crazy works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m in for the long run, but it’s a bit of acquired flavor. As long as they don’t end in Carrot World or something stupid, I’m still a fan.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

Marvel’s Loki: Agent of Asgard #3 gives us an adventure along the lines of the original evil Loki. This is the Trickster God’s vintage version.

Loki travels back in time by literally walking out of the page and into the life of a young Odin, son of Bor. Then he will involve him in murder, use cursed gold for ransom, cause a man to become a dragon and provoke a man to forge a sword with vengeance.

It feels like such a fairytale of a story that although you will recognize some classic traits, I really don’t want to give you too much details. Suffice to say that the Trickster is really up to no good and messing up everything in his path. If you ever feel like something too righteous just needs to be messed up, then you’ll feel right at home.

Highly recommended if you want to see some vintage Loki. I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to go back to teen idol Loki after this version.

(Source: Dynamite)

(Source: Dynamite)

I’m really enjoying Dynamite’s Red Sonja #8. For starters, she’s clad in full body armor and not the old scalemail bikini. That doesn’t mean she’s become a prude.

Actually, one of the moments of humor in this issue is when Sonja can’t sleep because… you know. She invites her current party member to her bedroll and gets turned down. It’s a reverse tongue and cheek moment and it doesn’t betray the character.

She’s still in the search of the finest artists of the land for the Emperor’s farewell party, and so far she only has the cook. She’s going to add Kalayah to her party, if she can abstain from killing him. Kalayah is an old enemy from Sonja who is known as the finest beast master. They are caught as part of Sonja’s plans to infiltrate the fortress, but Kalayah has prepared a trap counting on her escape. During her attempt she gets to meet the real beast master, and then the tables get turned once again.

Recommended. The first arc was great to read and this one is no less.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

Marvel’s Magneto #2 follows the Master of Magnetism as follows the track of the deceased human sentinel from the first issue all the way to a camp of homeless refugees. It’s an issue that hits too close to home as Magneto/Max remembers his childhood days as a jewish kid stealing food to eat while avoiding the Nazi Germans.

A lot of comic books begin with a bang to entice new users. So far, the book is good and now that the pressure of the debut is over it seems we’re going to start building the atmosphere and a style for a longer arc. That’s where the real mettle of the writers gets tested.

Recommended with reservations. I really want to see if the book writing ends up being worthwhile to keep this book on my digital pull list. No complaints so far and it’s refreshing to see Magneto on his own. Hopefully the atmosphere of the lone mastermind remains.

(Source: Dark Horse)

(Source: Dark Horse)

Dark Horse’s Angel and Faith: Season 10 #1 might have something going. Basically, part of London has become magic after the season finale from the previous volume. Magic Town is it’s own little neighborhood filled with would-be players trying to get up on the criminal action. Angel seems to be the only cop willing to walk that beat.

Meanwhile, Faith is considering Kennedy’s offer to join Deepscan, her Slayers-For-Hire venture. They fly to Santa Rosita where Buffy, Koh and a slayer team are doing short work of zompires.Faith tells young Giles she’s not really a joiner but she’s tempted. Even more when she sees Buffy’s tearful reunion with Giles.

I’m on board, but I’m not recommending this one yet. I want to see where it goes – or at least where it’s headed. It might not be an option if you are an Angel/Faith fan, for which this is a must. That being said, I’d wait until to see if the dynamic between the two titular characters remains interesting.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology, Dark Horse Digital)


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