Comics Review: Evil Empire, Tomb Raider, Magneto and Locke and Key Vol 6: Alpha and Omega

(Source: BOOM! Studios

(Source: BOOM! Studios


We’re going to start with BOOM Studios’ Evil Empire #1. I was sold on the premise alone. It’s the decline of civilization. The system is about to break, but not just yet. We’re going to witness how it all happened. It also helps the art is amazing.

We have an underground singer named Reese, who writes the most controversial and violent lyrics. There’s two politicians going head to head for the presidential elections, the rich older conservative and the younger liberal.

A violent murder takes place. The circumstances seem to match the lyrics of one of Reese’s songs. As everyone converges at the funeral, one figure will step forward and own to the dirty deed in the most sinister way possible… and we’re left with that cliffhanger until the next issue.

Recommended for mature audiences only, but still a heck of a start and with the inevitable outcome announced there’s a guilty pleasure in seeing a corrupt society devolve into fascism. Even (or perhaps specially) if it’s our very own.

(Source: Dark Horse Digital)

(Source: Dark Horse Digital)

Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider #1 came out last week, but I just decided to jump into it today. The story is written by Gail Simone, who has an extensive list of credits including Batgirl, Batwoman and Red Sonja.

I am unfamiliar with the heroine from the comic perspective and I haven’t played Tomb Raider since the old original version years ago, but I still was able to recognize Lara Croft in an instant. She’s still a risk taker, she will still get involve into things larger than life and there’s no Angelina resemblance. No, I haven’t played any of the newer games. Still, count me in.

We’re trust into a story with a backstory, Lara trying to live her life after the conclusion of the last video game. The few of her friends. that survived to tell the tale are not all there, and it’s one of them named Jonah that needs to see Lara. As she agrees to meet him in the middle of the desert, well… let’s say she’s about to have to deal with a sea of problems.

Recommended because I’m intrigued as to where this is going and I can hear the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme in my head.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

I’ve been looking forward to Magneto #1. At first, you’d think an underpowered Magneto is less dangerous. None of the sort. With only a fraction of his original power, he’s going to rely a lot more on his wits and he’s not going to pull any stops.

The Master of Magnetism might not be able to lift cars and battleships in mid-air (yet), but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. He’s out to stop any overwhelming threats to mutantkind. His first task, a human murderer responsible for three crimes against mutants. Staying under the radar means he has to travel by land, but don’t worry you don’t get treated to a long road trip.

The murderer has surrendered himself to police, which means Magnus has to walk into a police station. I don’t have to tell you that goes south quickly. The killer is not a mutant himself, but a trap. Don’t expect Erik Lehnsherr to pull any punches. He’s left a few dead bodies on his wake and one more is not a big deal.

Recommended. It’s nice to see Magneto operating with very limited resources.

(Source: IDW)

(Source: IDW)

It’s TPB collection time with Locke and Key Vol. 6: Alpha and Omega. IDW’s masterpiece finally gets its last volume for one of the best graphic novels of all time. The series is wicked amazing, and definitely worth a re-read. Now you can get all the six amazing volumes collecting the entire storyline from start to finish.

You might remember that I’ve already reviewed Locke and Key. Like I said before, this is a comic that sometimes horrifies you but you can’t look away. You have to keep going. It’s not the gore but the concept so vividly illustrated that shocks you.

Highly recommended as long as you don’t mind horror and suspense.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology, Dark Horse Digital)

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