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Please check your clearance, there are heavy spoilers ahead. This is Series Issues.

We finally get a new episode with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: T. A. H. I. T. I. It’s been too long. We return back to where we left, the team has scrambled to get to one of SHIELD’s trauma centers just to receive some very disheartening news. There’s very little that they can do for Skye.

The fact that Ward resents Coulson for Skye getting hurt is the world’s worst kept secret but only May notices, strongly declaring the only guilty party is the person who shot her. Cue May going to over to pay Quinn a visit in his cell and introducing his face to her fists.

The team takes Skye back on the bus on a medical pod. Coulson presents Fitz and Simmons with the documentation he obtained on his recovery and reveals everything he knows about himself… Not about Skye though. Ward also learns the truth and goes to talk to May, finding out she already knew. All of a sudden, SHIELD planes surrounds them.

A plane docks with the bus and we’re introduced to Ward’s former S. O. Agent John Garrett (Bill Paxton) alongside Agent Trip. They are here to take Quinn, but while Trip and Ward end up fighting, Garrett and Coulson decide it’s best to keep Quinn on the plane and interrogate him in flight. Guess there are no movies available on the plane.

The interrogation reveals the Clairvoyant wanted Quinn to shoot Skye. Unable to see how Coulson made it back from the dead, the Clairvoyant wants to see if Coulson will end up saving Skye the same way. Coulson is prepared to take the risk if it means saving Skye.

Unfortunately, Simmons has some bad news. Most of the information that Coulson obtained doesn’t match and the locations don’t seem to exist. The only thing she finds that seemed to be crucial in the process is a drug labeled GH325. Fitz has a better idea. Managing to access the files from the Triskellion, he cross-references information until he finds a location, a bunker from world  war two bunker known as the Guest House (GH). This facility is not run by SHIELD, or at least not officially.

Coulson, Ward, Fitz and Garrett form an incursion team and shoot their way into the Guest House. One of the guards, shot and dying, recognizes Coulson and asks him if he knows about the timer. The place is set to blow so that the mountain caves in on the facility. Garrett and Ward work on way to reopen the doors before the place goes. Fitz and Coulson seek for the magical drug. Coulson recognizes an operating table. He’s been here before.

(Photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

With no time to spare, Fitz finds the drug labeled Gh325. Coulson is mesmerized by something he sees and tells Fitz to hurry back to the Bus with the drug. On board the bus, Skye has already gone into shock once with Simmons and Trip managing to estabilize her temporarily. Fitz arrives with the GH325 drug just as she’s going into shock for a second time.

Meanwhile, Garrett notices the time is running out and orders Ward back to the plane. He finds a delirious Coulson walking around, who tells him that they should not give that drug to Skye. Garrett manages to get him back to the plane just as the explosions cave in the landing pad where the bus had landed. Coulson arrives late to the medical pod, where Simmons has just administered a dosis of the drug to Skye. She has a huge seizure but suddenly becomes stable again, and according to Simmons, she’s no longer in critical danger.

Garrett and Trip leave the Bus with a captive and bruised Quinn. The senior agent tells Coulson they might see each other sooner than he expects. May approaches Coulson and asks him why he didn’t want to them to administer the GH325 to Skye.

We get to see what Coulson saw. A door marked T.A.H.I.T.I. A bunch of tubes processing the GH325. And inside a vault marked G.H. the half body of a dead alien connected to the other end of the tubes. A Chitauri perhaps? But Coulson doesn’t share this with May. He tells her she didn’t wanted May to suffer as he did.

In an epilogue teasing the next episode, we get a scene of a woman (Elena Satine) walking across Death Valley in California. She approaches a man with a car, waiting for his wife. The car says just married on the trunk. The woman asks him if all of Midgard is as desolated and demands that he take her to a more “bountiful” location. He turns her down, but she seems to seduce him instantly. When his very pregnant young wife comes out, the car is racing away. The man declares he will protect her and asks for her name. The woman tells him her name is Lorelei.

Highs: John Garrett (Bill Paxton) interrogating Quinn. Simmons actually behaving like a doctor when they get the drug, “How is administered? How much should we give her?” After Quinn reveals the Clairvoyant told him to shoot Skye to find Coulson’s Tahiti secret, the actual shooting of Skye makes sense. Makes me wonder if John Garrett is not going to turn out to be the Clairvoyant himself.

Lows: I wasn’t too crazy about this episode to be honest. You kind of figure that Skye is not going to die. Coulson willing to burn every bridge to save Skye is supposed to be endearing but I saw it as reckless. Ward and Trip get into a fight for no reason. Lorelei’s introduction with the newlyweds is a bit cheesy.

That will do for now.

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