(Source: Netflix)
(Source: Netflix)

In Viewer’s Cut posts I talk about overall series and news updates. There’s no diving into a particular episodes so this one’s going to be very light spoiler-wise. For heavy spoiler stuff, read Series Issues.

The second season of House of Cards is available on Netflix. This is Kevin Spacey being his most wicked best as Francis Underwood. He’s a manipulative and conniving politician not afraid to stoop low to get what he wants. His wife Claire played by Robin Wright is also a model sociopath who matches and even excels her husband. In this season, the couple ends up in the White House as Frank gets chosen to occupy the Vice President seat.

The result is that he ends up going head to head with Raymond Tusk (Gerald McRaney), a self made eccentric millionaire that has the ear of the President (or had it before Frank stepped in). Whether or not Tusk’s constant interference will call for all out war or whether Tusk will be swatted off like a fly, I’ve yet to find out. I’m halfway into the series at this point. Crazy stuff is probably coming up in the next chapter that will make me mad for not having seen it before I wrote this post.

Anyway, great series and I’m not giving away anything further. Some of the subplots are more interesting that others, but the whole series is solid. It’s worth digging into and binging on as it’s available online.

If you haven’t heard Kevin Spacey talk about how TV networks should turn over the control to their viewers, it’s a speech worth listening. Here’s a clip from UK’s The Telegraph.

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When is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD going to have new episodes? According to the official site on ABC, they’re back next Tuesday, March 4th. I was really hoping for a new episode this week. According to HitFix, they have 10 episodes (actually 9 since T.R.A.C.K.S already came out) left in their first season. Next episode is called T.A.H.I.T.I and deals with the flak from the last episode where Skye got shot.

That means it will be still another week (unless they take another break) for “Yes Men”. That’s the episode with the eagerly awaited appearance of Jaimie Alexander as Asgard’s very own Lady Sif. I’m kinda holding my breath here on whether she’ll be integral to the plot or just a passing cameo. It’s been a constant waiting game for this series.

Meanwhile, my free evenings will not remain free for long. Coming back on your screen on April 6, will be yet another juggernaut I intend to tackle: Game of Thrones. I’ve read all the books. I followed the series closely last season. It’s going to be a nightmare, but the very best kind. Here’s the trailer feature for Season 4, Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing.

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That will do for now.

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