(Source: Archaia)
(Source: Archaia)

Hey, there be spoilers around here.

We start off with Archaea’s Hacktivist #2. I wasn’t sure where did this comic wanted to go after the first issue. Nate and Ed are now cooperating with the CIA. Nate seems to be running the show, with the traits of a the usual brash cocky young man that Hollywood loves to put in the lead. I was a bit worried that was all it was going to be simply because that’s been done.

It’s not. Nate has been falling right into the CIA’s hands turning over the power of the internet, communications and online finances to the people. It’s just a play for the government of Tunisia to submit to the CIA, at which moment they’re more than happy to side against the rebellion they’ve just generated. Unfortunately for them, Ed has anticipated this move and easily outmaneuvers everyone.

Highly recommended. The result is a complete twist and turn that suddenly reveals who’s the real player and Tunisia as the next destination. This was such a nice and fresh turn of events that suddenly puts this comic at the top of my list. I can’t wait for the next issue. However, if you’re not into cyber adventure stuff or fighting the system this might not be your cup of tea. For me, this issue was bourbon lemonade.

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(Source: Image)

On to Image for Black Science #4. It’s chaos and mayhem and you really need to start from the first issue if you want to get into this comic. The Dimensionauts are cutting it close. Ward, Shawn and Kadir have managed to capture the shaman that Grant urgently needs but with two minutes to make the pillar things are just going to turn ugly an not everyone will make it back.

Cut to a room inside a hotel with Grant and Rebecca. Some things did work out. We get some downtime as the team are suddenly thrust into another technological world but at least this one seems to be somewhat civilized. The team, or what’s left of it, has to think of how to get their unreliable dimension-jumping pillar fixed to get home. That’s not the only thing that’s broken.

Kadir, our resident evil business man, is keeping his last cowardly action a secret. It’s going to be a secret for two, because Chandra just reveals to him that she saw the whole thing. She approves, of course. Meanwhile, Shawn is talking to Pia and learning she really hates her dad. Nathan is in bad need of insulin.

Strongly recommended. I’m waiting for this comic to turn boring but so far, not even close. Someone else that can jump dimensions just arrived where they are and it’s looking for them. I can’t help but thinking this could turn out to be Mrs. McKay.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

It’s anything-goes time again with Injustice Year Two #4. Bruce is alive and safely hidden in the Tower of Fate. The President is calling but Alfred forbids the Bats to answer. Alfred last punched the daylights out of Superman. He’s not to be messed with. The call is diverted to none other than Oracle, with Black Canary listening in.

Green Lantern and Flash hold Congress hostage to make them come to a decision. It’s kind of the everyman’s dream – force the politicians to work fast for a change. GL will have more to worry about when he steps outside. Not because of the police forces that are waiting for him, but because of the extra-terrestrial authorities that finally want a word with Superman.

The Man of Steel has his hands busy too. Diana’s mother Hippolyta has come to see her daughter and is trying to convince Supes that she needs the magical healthcare she can only receive in Themyscira. As this happens, the Watchtower is breached by none other than Sinestro.

Recommended. Unlike other DC comics anything can happen here.

That will do for now.

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