Disclaimer: This is a comics review and not a recap but it’s a bit of a challenge to talk about a comic without revealing what’s inside. As much as reviews are written spoiler free, some of the plot will be uncovered. Thread lightly.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

Damian: Son of Batman #2
(DC Comics)

As much as guttural as this series is turning out to be, it’s a fun read. Damian is confronted by the big reveal in the from the last pages and we find out what happened to Dick Grayson. I’m enjoying this series. Andy Kubert is doing a great job tying up loose ends. The confrontation that begins the issue is a bit of an easy shot though.

I would’ve expected Bruce to become less violent in his later years. The fact that he would disapprove of murder while physically attacking someone is just the polar opposite of mixed signals regarding his philosophy of not killing. Later, there’s a scene of Bruce lying in a hospital bed, completely helpless as a nurse who appears to be the Joker (I still prefer to call him THE joker) looms over him. That is extremely disturbing. I know we’re heading in a direction in which Alfred is replaced by a cat and Damian is alone. I know this is not going to end up in smiles and hugs. I still want some light left in the future Batman.

Recommended. You won’t like all the outcomes on the road up to #666 that this limited series takes. It’s still an obligatory ride for Batman fans who want to know more from the #666 universe, and it is an entertaining one. Just don’t expect an explanation for Damian being alive.

(Source: Image Comics)
(Source: Image Comics)

Saga #16
(Image Comics)

Our favorite tabloid reporters, Upsher and Doff, are trying to push a Secret Intelligence Officer from Landfall for information regarding Alana and Marko. They are ushered out the door after being told, extra-officially, that Alana is actually a spy. I almost wanted that to be true for a second. As soon as they’re out of the way, the Special Agent calls in a hit to get them executed.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn is looking for little girl Sophie when she hallucinates. As the only one with brains, she states what she sees to the Lying Cat who confirms what she suspects. She immediately spits out the fruit she’s been eating and runs back to the rocket. Sophie has stabbed The Will on the neck. Gwendolyn tries to prevent everyone from killing each other and decidest the only person who can save The Will now is someone who knows combat surgery spells: Marko.

Meanwhile, Marko and Alana have been slacking at Oswald Heist’s place. Things are about to get a little more interesting next issue as both parties who are tracking them land nearby at the same time.

Recommended, as usual.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

Superior Spider-Man #22
Marvel Comics

Apparently, it’s no accident that Spider-Ock and Venom-Flash have never met. Rather than incidentally running into each other, the writers saved this confrontation up until now. Flash has been tracking criminals dressed up as Crime Master’s goons. It’s an awkward reunion as Betty Brant guides him to what appears to be an illegal weapons cache and Crime Master himself -who, we know, is dead.

Meanwhile, Peter/Otto is proudly showing off his newly inaugurated Parker Industries when he’s alerted something big is going down. It all leads up to the confrontation of Superior against the latest Venom. I won’t tell you who overreacts and does the jump-to-conclusions-FIGHT bit, but you probably guessed it already. Oh, and once he knows he’s going to go up against Venom, Sup switches to a different kind of shooters.

It’s a bit by the numbers issue, but on the sidelines we learn two things: Yuri Watanabe (aka The Wraith) is investigating Officer Carlie Cooper’s disappearance and Jonah J. Jameson might have a way out from beneath Superior’s thumb. Coming up next issue, you can tell Flash’s explanations fall on deaf ears and the symbiote might decide to take matters into its own limbs.

Recommended because I can’t get enough of both characters, but no huge surprises so far.

(Source: Icon Comics)
(Source: Icon Comics)

Powers: The Bureau #8
Icon Comics

Welcome to the slowest written comic of all time. That doesn’t un-make the fact that it’s one of the greatest but it’s just- a bit frustrating to read. Anyways, we open with Retro Girl pounding on a would-be super-villain that attempted the life of a US Senator. She manages to bring him down, but she seems to be dealing with other issues.

Walker has to answer to Millenium for using the bands without orders. He gets told the bands will be taken from him, except they can’t be taken while he’s still breathing. We don’t get to see what happens next because we cut back to Deena being reprimanded by her boss and condemned to paperwork. She eventually frees herself and goes to get Walker who’s very much alive and apparently retains the Millenium bands. What happened there?

The Extreme – a Deathstroke-look-alike level 8 power – finds a group of Hollywood-based superheroes known as The Circle gruesomely executed and heads into a police station, stating he will only talk to Walker.

To add crazy upon crazy, Retro crashes – literally – into Walker’s place, with an apparent snake-like imprint in her skin, yelling that something’s wrong with her. And then she passes out. And as much as I love the way this comic is written the fact I don’t get to find out anything until an issue that’s several months down to road is enough to drive me crazy.

Recommended if you can deal with the frustration of not reading the issue that follows this one until next Spring. Ok, hopefully not that long. Hopefully.

(Source: Comixology)