MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - "Repairs" - Coulson and his team are haunted by a mysterious force that threatens to destroy them all, and only a secret from May's past can save them, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 (8:00-9:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) MING-NA WEN
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Attention to all field agents, radar has picked quite a few spoilers ahead. If you have not watched episode 9 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD you are to report to your superior officer for debriefing. If you are a rookie agent, it will be your turn to pay for the pizza.

It’s Melinda May’s turn to catch the spotlight in this week’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Repairs. Unfortunately, we don’t really learn a lot about her. I wasn’t particularly crazy about this episode – it’s not bad bad but it’s still a bit of a diamond in the rough. I always pictured some mysterious double agent surfacing from May’s past or what have you, but instead we get a supernatural story.

The show opens with May getting dressed and Ward walking out of the shower. May tells him they have a mission. Ward tells him they should arrived at different times to cover up the fact they were together. May pulls a Batman and Ward is just left talking to himself.

Hannah is the lone survivor from an explosion of a particle accelerator on a scientific laboratory. Nowadays, strange events happen around her, and this being Lets-Jump-To-Conclusions town everyone is quick to point her as the cause of the accident. Why is a highly advanced particle accelerator lab in a small town? Anyway, she can’t grab supplies at the quick mart because people confront her and telekinetic mayhem erupts.

SHIELD is called in. I expected people carrying signs saying “mutants go home” or something to that effect, but everyone is very careful from saying the word mutant in the episode. As a matter of fact, the index is brought up again – the record of all possibly muta- I mean, paranormally gifted people. Skye wants to help but she’s immediately shut down by Coulson. It’s May and Ward, who are trying to carry business as usual, who come along with Coulson while Skye is left to watch from the car.

In a very X-Men like scenario, SHIELD finds Hannah at home where police is trying to get people to disperse. As Coulson and Ward try talking to her on her porch, the mob decides to start hurling eggs since they believe she’s causing all the strange events. Wait… these might be the same crowd that gathers around mutants in the X-Men movies and end up getting stuff thrown at them. Suffice to say, a police car suddenly starts up and tries to ram the protestors. Coulson has to save a man that almost gets hit and May decides she’s had enough. She pulls out the night-night gun (we need a better name for this thing) and sedates Hannah.

As Hannah sleeps it off on the interrogation room, Fitz and Simmons have decided to start pranking Skye and tell her an over the top story about the reason why May is named the Cavalry. She rode on a horse with two guns and took out squads of hundreds? The fact that Skye doesn’t see through that instantly is unbelievable.

Coulson and May talk to Hannah only to learn she has an explanation: God is punishing her and there are demons after her who are causing all the mayhem. Turns out she’s partly right. The Bus has one inter-dimensional stowaway. We start catching just glimpses of him as he appears behind people.

Eventually, Simmons discovers that the experiments in the lab were attempts to open a portal to another dimension. She even gets a glimpse of that world? As she does, she is attacked. The ghost is actually one of the victims of the lab accident.

Things go from bad to worse as the plane is forced to land after the power system is compromised by the ghost. Skye gets a chance to talk to Hannah. Our resident hacker is forced to go into a theological debate to try to prove her that the would-be telekinetic is right about something being after her but wrong about her own participation in the events. The ghost himself is the reason for the sabotage.

Simmons comes up with the theory that the intruder is really trapped between two words. Then she and Fitz get trapped by the continuously teleporting ghost. Ward attempts to subdue him, but it’s basically like he’s fighting Nightcrawler. Simmons realizes that every time the ghost jumps, less of him returns.

Coulson and Skye get trapped in his office. As they figure out how to open a door (does the ghost have a superpower to make doors unable to open?) Skye learns more about May from Coulson and why she’s not keen on her “Cavalry” nickname. He’s more honest than everyone else yet all that we learn is that May was unarmed, that it was about twenty opponents and that she wasn’t herself when she came back from it.

It comes down to May, who surprisingly can move quick enough to shake off the ghost. She manages to grab Hannah, taking her outside the plane. As the ghost follows, Coulson and the gang manage to free themselves and solve the last piece of the puzzle. The ghost’s name is Tobias Ford, one of the guys in the lab who ended up between two worlds because of an experiment to travel between two dimensions. The wrench he’s carrying was the instrument he used to sabotage the experiment because each time he did Hannah would have to come down to fix things.

It’s very cheesy, but Tobias is basically in love with Hannah. In a very childish way, he’s been trying to protect her – basically attacking whoever attacks her. As the team is discovering all of this, May has her hands busy as she has used Hannah to lure Tobias into a barn. Fighting him is getting her nowhere as she figures out he only attacks people who he perceives as a threat to Hannah. It comes down to Hannah letting Tobias know that May is not an enemy – and for Tobias to let the girl go.

Apparently letting the girl go was also what Coulson told May on that night she came back from a confrontation that changed her forever. But it’s pretty vague. In the end, we get a few laughs courtesy of a prank pulled on Fitz. As everybody laughs its off and denies being the prankster, we cut to May piloting the plane as she’s listening in via intercom. She cracks a rare smile.

I’m not head over heels over this one. Some things were cool, other things I didn’t much care for. Hannah’s story was endearing but Tobias’ wasn’t – the whole “ghost with a crush” thing didn’t quite work for me. Melinda May’s origin story is not revealed, just hinted at. More of that taking center stage would’ve been nice. May going ninja against the ghost was cool. Fitz and Simmons trying to prank Skye was entertaining.

That will do for now.

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