(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Heavy spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead this week, please veer away. Same if you’d rather not hear any theories.

We’re exposed to a new threat in the second episode of the season, Infected. It’s not Patrick – we all knew he’d be the siring a batch when he dropped dead on the last episode. It’s something as common as a flu-like disease that starts spreading across the denizens of the prison.

In this world, something as common as the flu can cause an epidemic. There’s no vaccines, little medicine, zero research labs and most important, plenty of contaminants. It’s the most subtle and covert enemy. It can’t be cut or shot. Rick and company are now against an enemy they can’t kill on sight. With the ability to turn someone – anyone – into a dead person overnight and thus a zombie, this is not a threat that the group can ignore.

But first, we bear witness to another cell battle as Patrick’s zombie posse make a killing inside block D. Rick, Daryl and Glenn are on the case. Michonne, who’s headed away from the prison as the alarm sounds, turns back to find herself pinned by just a couple of zombies who wander into the gate just as she’s getting back in. It’s not a huge deal as she gets assistance from Carl and Maggie. Except that it turns that it totally is as she hurts her ankle. It’s a silly accident, but I guess that’s the whole point – even Michonne can get hurt in a second and suddenly be out of commission.

We finally get to see the council in session. Daryl, Carol, Hershel, Glenn and Sasha realize they have to separate the people with the disease while they figure out (fast!) how to fight it. The council in interrupted as Tyreese and her coughing girlfriend Karen walk by the library. Karen is the first patient that will be moved to cell block A, which Glenn points out, happens to be death row.

Someone’s been feeding rats to the zombies. Of course my mind flies to a certain little girl that likes to name zombies, Lizzie. She and her sister Mika lose their dad to the zombie attack. As he gets bitten, Carol prepares the kids for the worst – including killing their own father, something that Lizzie first accepts but is unable to follow through. It’s up to Carol, who barely flinches. She’s light years from the abused woman she was back in the first seasons. But Lizzie seems more distraught over the death of her favorite zombie.

Regardless of who has been doing the feeding, it seems some rats or parts of them have been left behind a spot on the fence causing the zombies to group onto one spot. This threatens to bring down the fence. As the group tries to clear the cluster of bodies, Rick comes up with a plan. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it requires him to kill his precious piglets. With the pigs dead, Rick burns the remains of the pen as Carl watches. He then opens up a toolbox and gives Carl his gun, while he puts on his holster with his revolver again. The Sheriff is back in town?

We seem to catch a breather, but not Tyreese. As he goes over to visit Karen, he finds a trail of blood leading to a gruesome discovery. A theory jumps to mind, but let’s wait and see what happens next first.

That will do for now.

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