The Montreal Comic Con 2013 took over the Palais du Congres in Montreal this last weekend. Everyone’s got their top reasons to go to a comic convention, but to me cosplay is the one that ranks the highest. It’s cool to be able to browse the mega-market of merch, but I try to avoid impulse shopping. I have very little patience for lineups so I ended up attending just a couple of panels. The big events meant bigger lines and deeper pockets, so I’m afraid I skipped out on those as well.

But I never miss the cosplay, so here’s some galleries ūüôā

I didn’t want to do the lines for autographs, so I asked the volunteers if I could snap pictures from behind the limit. Apparently some stars mind while others are cool with it. Christopher Lloyd was ok with it, and there was no warning for Ray Park either. You can see I got the chance to meet Kamui, a professional cosplayer. She didn’t charge for a picture.

I was really glad to find so many Daenerys as well as one Merida from Brave and one Batwoman. I also found one Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. I know they are a common ocurrance in other conventions, but they are a bit scarce in Montreal.

There are new options for female cosplay out there, although “old” classics like Harley Quinn remain popular. Chelle from¬†Portal¬†and Hit-Girl from¬†Kick-Ass¬†are always a must.¬†There’s also a lot more gender switching (plenty of female Thors and Lokis) both here and during Otakuthon 2013.

That will do for now.