Otakuthon is Montreal’s biggest Anime convention. It seems to be attracting more and more people each year. It has a strong focus on cosplay. Not that you don’t get panels and video games and special guests.

Cosplay is another of those things that you’re either into or not. There’s something liberating about it, but it’s different things for different people. While for some it’s putting on a mask, for others it means taking the mask off. Essentially, you should put something of yourself in it and pick something that is akin to your personality.

Kirito from Sword Art Online (with or without Asuna) was very popular this year. So were the characters from Attack on Titan, complete with the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. Also, a personal favorite: Merida from Brave.

Enough of me yapping, here’s the gallery:

That will do for now.

Coming up!

(Source: Otakuthon)