(Source: Marvel.com)
(Source: Marvel.com)

X-Men Vol. 4 #3 concludes the all-female cast story of Primer with the threat of Arkea, Jubilee’s return and the mystery baby. The X-Men have such a rich and complex back story that it must be a hell of a challenge to do justice to each and every character. However convoluted, I didn’t feel like I needed to go back to the previous volumes to enjoy the story.

There’s this lacking sense of complete fulfillment as the problem is untangled and solved. I find that’s a characteristic of the X-Men. Someone’s always away and something else is always happening on the other side of the world, moon, plane of existence or just an alternate future timeline.

Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm and Psylocke take the spotlight in the last installment of the Primer storyline. Despite a couple of references, it’s approachable for the newcomer – or for the old school fan that has only picked up a few numbers here and there in the last 20 years. If you haven’t read it, perhaps you can wait until all three issues end up in a TP. Recommended if you’ve ever been curious of seeing the X-Women save the world by themselves for once – and hopefully not for last.

(Source: Marvel.com)
(Source: Marvel.com)

Venom #38 bring us the confrontation with Jack O’ Lantern. So far Flash has been dealing with the lighter fare of criminals, but Jack is pretty much after his hide with a vengeance.

The issue starts with Agent Venom finally starting to cement his reputation, grab resources and get some necessary contacts from Katy Kiernan for weapons and information.

But Jack O’Lantern is an old foe that knows his name, and suffice to say innocents will get hurt along the way. Eugene is against the ropes and suddenly it seems he’s out of his league. So he stretches out with the symbiote and… well, it appears he inadvertently creates himself a sidekick. Which I really, really hope it’s temporary.

Recommended because if you have been reading Venom, this would be the worst time to jump ship.

(Source: DCComics.com)
(Source: DCComics.com)

Detective Comics #23 continues with the storyline of the Wrath from the New 52’s universe. Known as the Anti-Batman, the Wrath is not a hugely complicated character.

He’s brutal, and in this incarnation, it has as many resources as Bruce. He just kills with heavy weaponry and seems to have as much tech as Batman. There’s no riddles or demented behaviour to sort out.

One particular quirk that I have with the issue is that Bats risks Alfred in this issue. The promo even promised that with so many years of working alongside the Dark Knight, Alfred might have some tricks up his sleeve. Actually, there’s no much of that – he gets captured. It’s from last week so I’m hoping I didn’t spoil it for you

But perhaps I’ll get surprised in the next issue. Really hope so, because I’ve always thought that Alfred would be – or should be – far better than just a regular support class NPC.

Half recommended. I really hope the story goes somewhere new in the next issue. I just don’t like the butler-in-distress trope, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

That will do for now.

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