Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #15, Injustice #28, Think Tank Vol. 1

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

Things start getting really mad-scientist crazy in The Superior Spider-Man #15. Otto’s colors have already begun to show increasingly stronger with every issue. I’ve been enjoying the ride for a while but with some of Spidey’s old foes showing up someone else is bound to pick up on the cues and find out it’s Dr. Octavius behind the curtain.

Back during Knightfall when Bane had broken Bruce’s back, Jean Paul Valley had taken the mantle of Batman. As he takes down a bunch of Joker’s goons, it’s old giggles who notices “the lack of grace, the sheer brutality” and immediately guesses it’s not him. I kinda expect someone as familiar with the webslinger as the Green Goblin to pick up on the not-so-subtle differences.

Regardless, I loved this issue. Yes, Otto is going overboard. Hobgoblin doesn’t have a chance in hell. For me, Superior is living up to the hype. Strongly recommended.

(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

I keep going back to Injustice. Injustice: Gods Among Us #28 was a week or so ago, but what I initially took as the companion comic to the video game, is really exploring the big what if questions of the DC universe. This issue in particular puts Superman and Batman, who were already at each other’s throats, against the ropes.

I’m still not crazy about the art. It seems to come and go, with one issue looking better and the next one seeming like little effort. The plot started with some of the usual jumping-to-conclusions bit to create conflict. Now that we have set the sides, the contenders are pulling their nastiest tricks. Actually #29 jumps the gun even more, but… it’s that breaking point when Superman decides he’s going to reveal Bats’ true name that really got me.

Yes, it’s cheesy and we’ve seen the whole power going to superpowers’ heads on the Irredeemable series, but at least right now it’s more than average and it’s Supes vs Bats, which has always been the big question in geekdom. I don’t have a clue if the game is any good, but at least for now it’s on my list. Recommended with reservations, some numbers are better than others. #30, which is out now, did nothing for me.

(Source: Image Comics)

(Source: Image Comics)

I picked up Think Tank Vol. 1 and Vol 2 from a recent comixology sale. It was on a whim but I’m really glad I did. Although initially I took David Loren for a Tony Stark clone, the series does a good job of making him not only a whiz with tech, but a master manipulator. I’m unashamed to say after these two volumes I’m along for the ride.

I had a bit of a problem initially with Dr. Manish Pavi. He’s along for the ride as the shy sidekick, but he eventually shows there’s some deviousness in him. Still, I wanted him a bit more fleshed out into a real person and perhaps knock some sense into David when he needs to.

The character of Colonel Harrison, initially the villain for Vol. 1 grows a personality and a brain by Vol. 2. Unfortunately for him, General Clarkson figures it out. I’m still not sure how Clarkson gets away with doing that shit at the end of Vol 2. I understand she’s the big bad wolf, but she’s still working for Uncle Sam.


That will do for now.

(Sources: Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics)

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