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When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep is one of those films that charms your heart. I’d rather tell you as little as possible about it, because I don’t think I could do justice to the hundred little details that make this love story both funny and cute. The other reason is I really would like an even larger audience to see this movie.

Director Hou Chi-Jan weaves a masterpiece of a love story that is devoid of malice or any of the usual comedy gags of mainstream comedy. There’s Tung (Ko Chen-Tung), who’s unable to get over his girlfriend leaving him, who starts living and working at a photocopy shop in Taipei’s Nanyang Street. And then there’s Yang (Jian Man-Shu), a teacher’s assistant who has the habit of drawing these little sheep illustrations on exam papers. Her drawings seem to be ignored by everyone, until Tung one day decides to draw a wolf to the page that gets copied.

The film uses stop-motion, animation and lot of imaginative camera tricks to tell you the story of every character in a way that makes this film entertaining from beginning to end. This is one of those movies that you want to happen in the real world. You want these characters to exist. There’s a bunch of them in this fictional Nanyang Street, all quirky and adorable in their own way. However they pull together that trick of being real and funny without resorting to any of the usual gags you see in sitcoms. It’s a movie world in which heartbreak is healed by counting from one to a hundred and all you need to fall in love again is to throw a paper airplane in the air.

Strongly recommended.

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(Sources: 2013 Fantasia Film Festival)