(Source: Scene Nation / Solar Films / Caramel Films)
(Source: Scene Nation / Solar Films / Caramel Films)

I had just finished watching a movie. On a spur of the moment, I got a ticket and got back in line for Imaginaerum. It was worth it.

The movie is a dark fantasy come to life. It’s musical but it’s not a musical. It’s based upon rock band Nightwish’s album from the same name, but it stands on its own as a movie in which each flight of fancy has connotations on real life. Tom is a composer suffering from dementia on his deathbed. He’s plagued by his past and has regressed in his mind to his 10 year old self to live an adventure that will eventually take him to fight his own demons through symbolism.

In the real world, he’s about to die and his estranged daughter is coming to terms to who he was. Along for the ride to provide guidance whether she asks or not is Aunt Anne, who we encounter both in the real world and in Tom’s fantasy. It’s not a coincidence that the fantasy world has a music video feel to it. Director Stobe Harju is also responsible for some of Nightwish’s videos.

Although I knew something about Nightwish going into the theater, I’m not a hardcore fan (I don’t hate them, I just don’t know their music well enough). However, as a movie it has that Tim Burton-esque feel of a fantasy realm where child innocence mixes with horror, complete with a scary snowman, a circus of clowns and a roller coaster. More than that, it has a decent storyline that makes it stand on its own.

Recommended, specially if you like goth-like fantasy, emo rock or just a good dark fairy tale.

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