(Source: IDW Publishing)
(Source: IDW Publishing)

I’m not trying to review every number of Dredd. specially now that he’s got both his title and Year One, but I wanted to at least commend IDW Publishing‘s latest Dredd Year One #2 on making a stronger effort in showing a slightly less experienced Judge on their second offering.

Yes, Mega-City’s finest makes sure people know he’s already been out on the streets for almost a year but interactions with other veteran Judges confirm his textbook approach needs a couple of pages. The character has always been a very rigid and strict lawman, but on those desperate times he’s shown methods rather unconventional. He takes a couple of swings that make the older crowd doubt him, and that’s ok.

In the end, we do get the sense he’s Dredd. We can’t expect him to be completely green. I’d love to have seen him starting to stand out in the academy – or at least a glimpse of his graduation, but we’re learning that his tough guy persona was not an act and was with him since day (or year) one. However, you kinda expect him to make some mistakes along the way.


(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

I’m guessing I have to mention the exclusively digital comic adaptation Injustice #15 because, well… I’m reading it. There’s a few things here and there and are the usual “misunderstanding-leads-to-a-fight” but seems we’re closing in on the actual game scenario which might be good or bad.

I did love Aquaman pulling out the Kracken card a couple of numbers ago. The whole Bat-family vs Supes and Diana was the cliffhanger from last time and as as expected it never really comes to blows. Bruce shows his usual prepared-before-it-happen routine with cyborg and once again we’re left wondering why Clark didn’t just force his way through the mess.

Of course these kinds of confrontations awaken the old Bat vs Supes debate that has gone on since the beginning of time. This comic thrives on the hypothetical scenarios. But some of these fights will get repetitive if they end constantly on a draw.

It’s a What If? scenario. It reminds me a little of Irredeemable actually. Recommended if you ever wondered What If.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 finally gets into Jason’s head… literally – or psychically if you want to be precise. DC Comics is finally bringing the title back onto the characters’ personal battles.

I actually liked the new art. It does take some getting used to, but it does fit with the whole team by the time they find the All Caste sanctuary. I do want Starfire’s costume to evolve into something possible. Yes, I’m a guy, but can we at least close her top so that it goes all the way around?

I don’t know what to make of the ending. I’m going to assume you’ve read it, but I won’t tell you exactly what it is either. Wouldn’t leaving all that past behind change him into a different person?

If it does, will it be permanent? It’s not that I want Jason to be permanently bitter, ok… perhaps I do, but I’d expect him to overcome that head on, not just by erasing history. Too soon to say, so I’ll wait and see what happens.

Recommended, but if this is your jump point into this comic, you want to wait until the next number as things are just getting started.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

And finally, Superior Spider-man #8 continues to amaze. Marvel is doing great here.

The latest issue with Cardiac starts with the usual pattern of “misunderstanding-leads-to-…” Wow, deja vu. I said that already. Anyways, it’s Ock so rash behaviour is expected, but I’m glad he’s also capable of great compassion.

The episode begins with Spider-Ock facing the Avengers. I’m sorry, I really wanted to be on Peter’s side but the Doc is just making himself loved. I’m ashamed to say I was pulling for him to get away with it.

There’s quite a good plot in the main storyline, as Spider-Otto faces Cardiac. I do love the idea of an underground illegal hospital run by actual hospital personel. Lots of heart in this storyline.

Finally, there’s what might be the first conversation between Otto and Peter. Either the start of the long road to Peter’s return or Spidey just takes off the helmet on the next episode because another crisis breaks out.

Strongly recommended.

That will do for now.

(Sources: IDW Publishing, DC Comics, Marvel)