Game over: LucasArts and old school gaming nostalgia

(Source: LucasArts)

(Source: LucasArts)

Disney has decided to turn LucasArts from game publisher to a licensing model, reported Game Informer earlier this week.

We all love nostalgia articles. We get to look back, romanticize the past and brag about our old school roots. Maniac Mansion. Monkey Island. Indiana Jones. Sam and Max. Day of the Tentacle. Full Throttle. X-Wing. TIE Fighter. Dark Forces. Jedi Knight…  Did I mention Full Throttle? Now that was an adventure game.

I know LucasArts was also behind newer games, but those are the ones that will always come to mind when I think about the brand. Yes, I know I’m being a sheep getting sentimental about a game company that was basically out to get my money, but I’m least I’m a sheep aware of what I’m doing.

(Source: LucasArts)

(Source: LucasArts)

We all want the name of those games carved in stone somewhere were they won’t be forgotten. They needn’t be. As much as I remember them, as much as I want to pay my respects to LucasArts as if it were a fallen comrade, my deepest regret is going to be that they were still working on the next great game.

Part of me hopes Disney will reconsider keeping them around long enough to see Star Wars 1313 completed, but that’s not for any of us to say. It’s a company, and as much as those games feel like old friends, it’s really a business decision.

Update: According to Game Informer, there’s a chance Star Wars 1313 might still see the light of day through another company.

(Source: LucasArts)

(Source: LucasArts)

There was, specially during the days of the SCUMM engine, a little conspiratorial feel to LucasArts games. Their adventures would have little nods, little inside jokes that fans could catch. A lot of them Star Wars related, but also a few were self-related humor.  If you saved the original cd files, you can still play some of those games with ScummVM.

Then there’s old favorites like X-Wing and TIE Fighter which were part of the space simulator sub-genre, all of them eventually bringing in a level of strategy that is rarely found on other games. TIE Fighter gave you the unique chance to fly some of the Empire’s most amazing toys. That, plus the alluring atmosphere of intrigue and special secret bonus objectives, added a cloak and dagger feel to it all. I still remember starting that mission where your wingmen turn on you… But the coolest thing was the ability to tell the other ships to strike one target and then take care of another one yourself.

Bringing us back to the present, Kotaku reports that Raven Software has decided to release the source code of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy as a tribute to LucasArts.

That will do for now.

(Source: LucasArts)

(Source: LucasArts)


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