Finally my first transaction with ebay’s Instant Sale is over. You might remember I decided to use them to sell my iPad 2 since I’m not a real fan on the usual post your item and go through the hassle of getting a buyer. I know what you’re going to say, but honestly I just would rather be sure it’s sold safely and not deal with crazy people.

ebay Instant Sale

Here’s how it went.

Thursday, September 27: I open the Instant Sale site (I’m in Canada here) and get a quote for an excellent condition iPad 2, 64MB, Wi-Fi only (no 3G). Considering the original price of the device plus the taxes in my province, I’m getting a little above half what it cost me originally. In theory, you can get more on regular ebay. Now, since I’m doing the quote at night (mistake!) I can’t mail it immediately. I print out the shipping label (they pay for the shipping!). The offer is valid until October 4, so it is my responsibility to get it to the UPS Store pronto!

Friday, September 28: I go the UPS Store with my packaged box and the shipping label attached and hand it over. No issues. Then I check out the tracking number on the website refreshing endlessly. The package is en route by the evening.

Monday, October 1st: The package arrives at Staples Canada, which is the store used by eBay. I’m supposed to get an email when they have a notice that they receive it. No notice. Nothing

Wednesday, October 3rd: I call the number for Staples Canada given to me by the eBay site. They tell me they’re backed up and it will be a few days, but my package has arrived. They should honor the offer as long as they agree with my assessment that the device is in excellent condition.

Monday, October 8: Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday.

Wednesday, October 10: Email! They have evaluated my device and agree with the status. They will honor the full offer. It will take a maximum of 5 days to deposit the money on PayPal.

Thursday, October 11: I guess they felt obliged to pay me quick, the money is on my PayPal account. Just so you know, you need to use PayPal and it must be associated to the email you’re going to use for the transaction. PayPal takes 5-7 business days to transfer money to your bank account, but that’s no longer part of the Instant Sale.

Impressions? Well, Staples Canada being busy and all – but after a phone call I had relative security knowing my device was in the system. The person on the other side of the phone was busy but polite and verified my package was in the store. To be honest, I’d rather do this that to wait on someone to be interested, email me, and agreed on a place to meet up so they can see it and try to haggle it for less cash that already agreed upon. I’d rather have a clean break. It might make little to no sense, but I felt safer with the device getting there first and the money later than the other way around – being that I was dealing with a established retail store and not some unknown person.

All and all I’d do it again. Unfortunately, they only take certain established models of electronic devices. Chances of me dealing with them again are very slim. Then again… who knows.

That will do for now.