(Source: DC comics)

Someone hinted that I should take a look at the last number of Batman, Incorporated.

I’ve often said that once a while I get a little tired of the whole Batcave clan – I do love the main Batman and Batman Detective Comics. Mainly I like them because they’ve been doing their own thing. The whole team of Batman, Incorporated it’s a bit much. Plus… Grant Morrison.

I never saw the point in the whole Bruce Wayne traveling back in time except getting to draw Witch Hunter Batman, Pirate Batman and so forth. Then after he actually comes back and starts the Incorporated gig, Morrison takes what was until then my favorite comic, Red Robin, and what sounded like a plan, The Hit List, engineered by Tim Drake, and turns it into an afterthought. Bruce takes over and somehow Tim’s plan becomes part of his plan, except that it doesn’t. It vanishes.

Let me be precise. Morrison does create some nasty enemies for the Bat, but besides the pig heads and the blood, none really endure. On the other hand, Scott Snyder’s Night of the Owls crossover arc was so engaging and hinted as far as the pre-52’s Gates of Gotham (which I strongly recommend) that you really felt Gotham City was for the first time, not in Batman’s side.

But now Morrison has decided to pull an ace that really feels like a steal. I know this comic already debuted last week so, I think I’m safe revealing this… however… Warning citizens! Spoiler ahead!

Morrison reveals a mystery ally to be none other than… Jason Todd. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Why would Jason all of sudden be collaborating on a Batman plan? I don’t want Morrison stepping all over Red Hood and the Outlaws, which I actually enjoy. But nothing will matter, Morrison will have his way. And to top it off now he’s got me reading his series now. I’m not going into a diatribe here. I don’t hate the guy. I just can’t stand him pulling an ace that was not in his sleeve to pull.

I will say this though. I am starting to warm up to Damian. What does everyone know that I don’t?

And it doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I’m really starting to miss Stephanie Brown.

That will do for now.