Apple’s iPad 2

Owning an iPad 2 taught me a lot of lessons.

First of all, you really should lock up your credit card for the first month. You end up buying too much stuff for it. And why is it that I buy games that I play only once if at all? The most important one, you really must study the form, size and weight of a tablet. Not because it’s the ultimate, the most popular or the most powerful does it mean it will actually get used.

The conclusion for me is that the iPad was too large and too heavy to just casually drag along. I will say this, excellent battery life. It made some of my longest trips a joy to take this year (bought the entire Mythbusters series on iTunes). But I bought so many apps that I never used.

However, the Nexus 7 came along… and I caved. And I found the form factor, the ideal weight (it’s super light) and the opensource-ness of it all was just ideal. Not to mention that it’s cheaper.

It’s no surprise that I simply stopped using the iPad altogether, so… time to sell it. I don’t know how other people get rid of their old gadgets but I hate putting things up for sale. The only two methods that I have used to sell things have been: a) find someone I know that wants them, in which case I prefer to lose some profit but not overprice the item at all since I want to remain friends, and b) take them to a shop that sells used computers and see what they will give me.

ebay Instant Sale

Nobody I knew wanted the device. Actually, three people I know already own the Nexus 7. So, online? That means dealing with people who are sometimes a bit crazy or scammers. Too much time. I just prefer a clean break. So I’m trying out ebay’s instant sale thing. In Canada, that means you’re selling it to Staples. The price is of course, a lot less than what you pay originally for it – about half. You could make more than that if you found a regular person who wanted one, but – that takes time. And don’t expect to get your full money back unless the device just came out. So for me, this was ideal. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve already dropped it off with the shipping label they gave you (I just printed it on regular paper and taped it on top of the box) and I’ll let you know how my experience with the instant sale thing goes. For the moment I feel a lot lighter now that it’s gone, and I really don’t miss it one bit. Sometimes the only way you learn what you really want out of a gadget is when you get one that is not completely right for you.

That will do for now.