Spoilers wonder if the kindle version is cursed too.

I’m genuinely surprised. Yes, this one is scary and still twisty enough that you can recognize the original theme running through it. Don’t expect Bruce Campbell to show up. Do expect things to get messy and bloody. More than anything, this is not a vanity vehicle. People will get killed, hurt and messed up. This one is going to be scary. Open your copy of the Book of the Dead and let’s read.

(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Evil Dead Rise (2023) is written and directed by Lee Cronin. Beth (Lilly Sullivan) reunites with her sister Ellie (Alyssa Sunderland). Ellie is trying to make ends meet to raise her kids, Bridget (Gabrielle Echols), Danny (Morgan Davies) and Kassie (Nell Fisher) as best she can after been left by her husband. Unfortunately, the old apartment building they reside in has been condemned and they have to find a new place soon.

An earthquake causes the place to shake and a crack in the basement parking exposes a secret vault with tons of religious stuff. Among them, there is a certain volume of the Naturom Demonto, a book firmly closed with teeth. Danny decides to grab the book and some LP records thinking they might be worth something to help their mother with the bills. Unknowingly, Danny ends up summoning an ancient evil capable of possessing people’s flesh. Ellie ends up being the chosen target and all hell breaks loose.

Breathing new life into this IP requires a commitment to the horror genre and you have it. There is a sinister approach of the Deadites that always involves making the horror personal to the point of heartache. Adding salt on the wound is a theme of sarcastic dark humour as the demonic presence is not above using words and memories to inflict psychological warfare on the young children. Beth is the obvious one called to protect these kids, if there are any left.

It works. This was actually a scary and chilling film. Long time fans will miss Ash, but it does a great work at rooting a solid base on which to build a genuine threat on film. I did find the acting appropriate albeit the situation is twisted enough that you can’t possibly call the reactions “realistic”. I mean, in that situation I think that most of us would curl in a ball and cry our eyes out. There are also very subtle nods to the original without ever needing to go for cheap nostalgia shots.

Highly recommended for horror movie fans. It also have a wicked dark humour angle that will be very familiar. Unfortunately for long time fans, no Ash. But also a good thing, it really establishes a solid base proving there’s blood (lots and lots of it) left and more than enough wickedness to create some scary antagonists. Worth a watch for true horror entertainment value.

That will do for now.