Spoilers, you’ve seen this one.

It’s a silly action-comedy flick. You make the popcorn and laugh along. I’m not going to say I wasn’t entertained. The cast knows its lines and plays up the camp to deliver the usual comedic banter where you know each fight is just a prelude for getting the main couple together. It also has so much cameos that I expected Marvel Entertainment to be involved. All that being said, it delivers what it promises. I’m going to skewer it just a bit because that’s just extra entertainment for me.

(Credit: Skydance)

Ghosted (2023) was directed by Dexter Fletcher. It was written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. Cole (Chris Evans) is a boy scout, I mean, helps his family run a farm while he’s got his writing career on hold. He meets the free-spirited Sadie (Ana de Armas) who introduces herself as an art curator. Although he just ended a relationship in which he was pictured (literally by everyone in his social circle) as needy, Chris falls head over heels in love with Sadie. After an incredible romantic day and night, Chris is smitten. Unfortunately, Sadie has vanished to London. Crazy in love (or just plain stupid) he travels to London to surprise her.

Obvious plot twist, Sadie turns out to be a CIA agent and Cole ends up involved in an international intrigue against weapon dealers trying to obtain a passcode to a weapon capable of threatening the free world. To sum up the political nuance in this film, when Cole hesitates to shoot down a human being Sadie’s killing argument is “they’re the bad guys”. It’s silly. Am I taking things too seriously? Perhaps.

That being said, I was entertained. I don’t see Chris Evans and think of his Marvel days as Captain America, but it’s really hard to see him as anything else than Chris Evans. Ana de Armas and Chris make for a cute couple, so they’re adorable enough that whatever toxic traits they have as a couple pass as quirky.

Lightly recommended with popcorn. Yes, it’s silly to the extreme. It has so many Marvel cameos that you’d think this was Disney+ and not Apple and it’s definitely a vehicle for both main leads. There’s some messed up politics that you’re not supposed to look at too close and just enjoy the ride. Save it for a rainy weekend with popcorn. Worth a watch for when you need something silly.

That will do for now.