Spoilers were absent for this one.

Okey, going against what this movie does to its viewers, I’m not going to prolong your agony. It’s definitely not my cup of tea. I’m not a movie buff per se, and I can make an effort to see a director’s vision provided there’s the slightest bit of interest in the watching experience. That means, even when I don’t get the message, I can still enjoy the visuals, the plot, the acting, the cinematography, the storytelling or at least something to experience. There’s one thing, but it doesn’t have enough oomph to carry this film.

(Credit: Shudder)

Skinamarink (2022) was written and directed by Kyle Edward Ball. Using grainy film and noisy audio, this movie does successfully create the atmosphere of an old film. Using shadows and low angles, you’re witness the environment inside a house where you can hear a father with his two kids getting ready for the night. You barely see their feet dangling from a couch, or their silhouettes in the distance. You never see their faces. Voices trickle through the dark and as the night progresses, doors and windows disappear and the children are left alone in the shadows. Light is scarce and comes only from the TV where the children play old cartoons or use a small flashlight to peer into the darkness.

I’m trying to describe the environment more than the plot, since the plot might be up for interpretation. The premise as described loosely is two kids left alone unable to leave the house or find their father. After a while voices, sometimes human sometimes not, seem to speak to the children. You’d expect the horror to ramp up, but nothing particularly scary is revealed. Only more slow paced dread and static noise. Don’t expect gore or death or anything in particular except shadows and noises.

Not recommended. Usually I try to tally up reservations, but there’s very little to keep your attention much less entertainment value to keep you amused. Now, there is some talent in keeping this atmosphere of doom hanging around the film, but it is not a draw that could keep my interest. Even the last ten minutes of this film felt like an hour. Not worth a watch.

That will do for now.