Spoilers had an identity crisis watching this one.

I can’t help but fall for the films with a flawed narrator. There’s rarely a more polarizing choice than a psychological horror thriller where we have primarily one character. You have to admire that gall. It’s also the dream of any performer to get such a juicy role. The movie does rest entirely on one performance so this one’s might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not an overall mess but… Let’s get into it.

Alone with You (2021) was written and directed by Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks. Charlie (Emily Bennett) is at home waiting for her girlfriend Simone (Emma Myles) which we meet through flashbacks and dream sequences. The big development as Charlie seems to run into problems leaving the apartment is that she starts to feel something is off. There’s something twisted about her situation that makes her question her reality.

The obviousness of Charlie’s plight is abundant. We’ve been witness to her constant flashbacks to her dear Simone, a girlfriend that seems to be absent in more ways than one. We’ve been noticing how her perception of things might be compromised. It’s a bit of a puzzle with missing pieces. It sorta works as the thriller that it intends to be but as much as I think Emily Bennett’s performance of Charlie is good it does lack that final edge. A little more sharpness could really make it shine. It does seal the deal, albeit not as strongly as it could have.

Recommended with reservations. I think it does do a good job at selling the atmosphere as well as slowly bending the world it has built. Mostly the entire film relies on the performance of Emily Bennett who does a good, decent job as Charlie. However, a little sharper focus would have made for a more solid film. Still worth a watch, although as single performer psychological thrillers go it’s not the best of its genre.

That will do for now.