Spoilers do not like mean people.

I knew going in this one was going to hit me on a personal level. Yes, being overweight sucks and people suck a lot more when they decide to target you as the target of their bullying. I have a definite bias to be on the heroine’s side for this one, and a guilty pleasure in seeing her bullies get what’s coming to them. To the filmmakers’ credit this was done without ever hiding the ugly truth about life when you’re obese and how the people that are on your side are not only scarce but rather selective on when they choose to back you up and how.

PIGGY (2022) is written and directed by Carlota Pereda. Sara (Laura Galán) is overweight and because of it, she experiences bullying every day of her life. Her blissfully ignorant parents are unaware they often throw her under the train as they try to encourage her to go out. Her schoolmates are all too keen on posting unflattering pictures of her on social media or call out her nickname, “cerdita” (piggy). With nobody in her corner, she tries to stay out of the way of everyone finding refuge in listening to music or indulging into a snack she has managed to sneak into her room.

One faithful day, she goes swimming and becomes the victim of her most hated bullies who end up stealing her clothes. In the aftermath, Sara ends up witnessing an abduction that will inadvertently put her in a moral dilemma. With a madman on the loose and the community in complete upheaval, Sara ends up being the central character with only one ally, except it’s one she might not want. This is a very honest depiction of what Sara has to deal with, and you can sense her anxiety and frustration until she’s faced with an scenario that will test her soul. The entire film rests on Laura Galán’s performance and she excels on it. You can’t help but empathize and suffer with her trials, but also feel powerless when she’s alone.

Very strongly recommended. It’s a very honest to the point of cruel view on Sara’s tribulations. The blessing in disguise of a serial killer taking out her bullies very soon becomes a curse. Laura Galán’s performance shines, creating a relatable character that after being ostracized for too long realizes she can no longer hide. Definitely a shocking and honest feature. Worth a watch.

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