Spoilers might take a sneak peek.

The 26th edition of Montreal’s International Film Festival starts on July 14 and happens through August 3, 2022. The second wave has been announced and we must confess it’s looking like a lot of bangers. I’m really hoping for a hybrid experience in which I can combine a few in-person screenings and still get some digital, more for the sake of convenience than alarm. Hopefully things will sail smoothly as the health scare seems to be dwindling down. Fingers crossed. Since we’re on a bit of a summer break, right now we’re just going to share some brief highlights for you here.

Amongst the many offerings, we got a few candidates for your own wishlist: action fantasy POLARIS from KC Carthew, surrealist feature LA PIETA from Eduardo Casanova, re-imagined live-action pop sci-fi SHIN ULTRAMAN directed by Shinji Higuchi and scripted by Hideaki Anno, meta-commentary comedy POPRAN by Shinichiro Ueda, online predator vigilantism A.I. with THE ARTIFICE GIRL by Franklin Ritch, existential horror drama CHOROKBAM by Yoon Seo-jin, creepy suspense survival horror SWALLOWED from Carter Smith, zany crazyness cult busting comedy CULT HERO from Jesse Thomas Cook and vigilantism thriller COMPULSUS by Tara Thorne. This is just to name a few.

You can find the full press release at the Fantasia official site. Bon cinema!

That will do for now.