Spoilers will be left home 😦

No, it’s not that kind of wave. It’s the 26th edition of Montreal’s International Film Festival and this will signal the first return to regular screenings since you-know-what. I’m all for going back to the theatre for some films but I wouldn’t mind keeping home streaming mixed in. This year I have to scale my movie-watching down as I’ve got the full intention of spending more time in the sun. Fantasia is back from July 14 through August 3, 2022 at the Concordia Hall Cinema and other local screens. Hong Kong’s celebrated filmmaker John Woo will be honoured with the Career Achievement Award. Here are just a few highlights from the first wave.

Satoshi Miki’s CONVENIENCE STORY: Step into a strange convenience story and have your deepest wishes come true. World Premiere.

Rebekah McKendry’s GLORIUS: The bathroom in an isolated rest stop is the scenario for this sci-fi horror comedy featuring Ryan Kwanten and J.K. Simmons. World Premiere.

Enter Fantasia’s new section, SEPTENTRION SHADOWS with the World Premiere of Rodrigo Gudiño’s THE BREACH: A horror story featuring gore, tension and a score by Guns n’ Roses guitar player Slash. World Premiere.

Andy Mitton’s THE HARBINGER: Kind soul Monique goes to help a friend in need who is experiencing terrible demonic nightmares and is drawn into them. World Premiere.

Fabian Forte’s LEGIONS: A horror comedy from Argentina where a horde of demonic forces can only be stopped by one washed-out shaman, who’s been put away in a mental hospital. Canadian Premiere.

Alex Phillips’ ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS: In this first selection from Fantasia Underground, we get a creature feature straight out of arthouse horror cinema made out of pure chaos. World Premiere.

Jonathan Davies’ TOPOLOGY OF SIRENS: A sunshine filled neo-noir detective story on the backdrop of the subculture of audio recording, cyphers, experimental media creators and collectors of such. Canadian Premiere.

You can find the full press release at the Fantasia official site. Bon cinema!

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