Spoilers wish they were this good at planning.

I’ve been recommended this show before, but I honestly had no clue how much I was going to get into it. It’s one of those that sucks you in, doesn’t let go and always leaves you wanting more. Yes, we have a major heist in our hands, all the way from and in Spain, and I’m so glad it was left in the original Spanish as an additional perk for me. This one has a little bit of everything, specially twists, surprises and masterminds trying to counter each other’s moves. You’re better off stop reading now, go watch it and come back, but if you need more incentive please read on.

(Source: Netflix)

Money Heist (2017) originally known as La Casa de Papel (2017) was is a crime thriller created by Alex Piña. A group of expert criminals are united and trained into a team by the Professor (Alvaro Morte) to break into the Royal Mint of Spain. The Professor insist they stay ignorant of each other’s identities and employ aliases from cities. Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Rio (Miguel Herran), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Helsinki (Darko Peric) y Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz).

The heist itself has many layers, and the group will find themselves trapped inside the building and particularly well prepared. However, luck is not always on their side and the Professor, who handles the communication with the police, will have to play many mental games against Inspector Raquel Murillo (Itiziar Ituño), in command of the operation and main negotiator. How far those go, I’m not going to disclose here but let’s say the Professor has to improvise particularly fast when one of his plans goes awry.

The show is full of drama and conflict that it uses to great effect to heighten the sense of urgency and claustrophobia while the Professor has to use every trick at his disposal to prevent the entire thing from collapsing. It works as both a clever drama and a passionate thriller, as we end up switching sides between the likeable and despicable that exists on all three sides of the police, the hostages and the robbers themselves.

Extremely recommended. I ate the first season in a couple of weeks and I’m well into the second (and now third season). Full of engaging characters and a very complex plot that somehow manages to stay interesting without being contrived, this show is still surprising me at every turn. With a cleverly crafted intrigue that keeps you guessing how it’s really going to end, you’re not keen to stop binging it. Well worth a watch.

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