The 25th edition of Montreal’s International Film Festival is about to start on August 5 and there are trailers to watch. Being honest, I prefer mostly to go with my gut (not always a reliable option) and pick what just calls to me. That being said, when it doubt or if you’re working with a budget, you’ll want to make sure the feature is what you expect. Starting with the ever-popular teaser, here’s the playlist for all the trailers available that account for 93 of the films showing. The film site is open for business so you can buy your tickets from the main site here.

The 25th Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival starts August 5. Now this year, I’m trying to do things differently and limit the number of reviews to a tighter selection. This is because I’m trying to balance blogging and have some time off for breathing room. I will be posting reviews in a more random fashion, so please check every now and then. Reviews for Fantasia films don’t include out right spoilers and I do prefer to leave most of the film unrevealed, so they will be shorter but I will try to give you a sense of what you’re going to get.

That will do for now.