And last but not least…

Kotetsu Jeeg is actually known down in South America as “El Vengador” (The Avenger). From what I remember, the actual robot came from a guy who wore a medallion with Kotetsu’s head turning into… his head. Yes, that is 70’s anime mecha for you. That being said, this Infinitism take on the classic is actually pretty faithful to the original model, I would even dare say it’s actually pretty close to the original. The articulation has been altered considerably, specially on the legs, giving it a lot more flexibility.

Actually, Kotetsu Jeeg pretty much is an accurate portrayal of the original. The articulation might be more flexible but it also makes him slightly harder to balance with a large weight on his back, specially the mach drills. There’s a bit of trickery involved in some of the poses. For instance the kneeling pose is achieved by turning his back foot flat for more balance. That being said, that comes with the ability to hit some very flexible stances that the rest of the line can’t achieve. Definitely a welcome addition and the last model kit of the Infinitism line. Unless another comes along, of course!

That will do for now.