I do remember this guy.

I remember Getter Robo appearing in a feature with both Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger that I saw when I was a kid. It was a movie put together of several episodes featuring several robots from Go Nagai. If I remember my lore correctly, Getter Robo was formed by three craft that could arrange themselves into several configurations. The most popular one, was Getter Dragon which had this red “cape”. Once again, this is the classical Infinitism model kit design with a few added modifications.

The whole face has been updated, so it takes a minute to recognize Getter Dragon here. However, once you add the cape and the battle axes, the effect is complete. I love the detail on the saw blades on his arms, I almost wish they were done in chrome but I know that means that it would wear off. The battle axes are definitely a cool factor. I’m not crazy about the color scheme. Red and orange don’t really mix well, but hey it’s the way the character looks. I do prefer the twin battle axes than the singular giant one. Obviously, it’s not a challenging build (except for placing that sticker underneath the transparent piece on his chest) but if you want to complete the collection it’s a must.

That will do for now.