Spoilers want to break free.

I think it’s time that the court of public opinion collectively apologizes to Megan Fox. She has been sexually objectified for years and I really hope this film signals her resurgence. I will probably revisit her other film, Jennifer’s Body (2009), very soon enough. This new film puts her in the lead with rather cathartic role in which she must fight for her life. This will not be a fair fight, this will not be a clean fight. Actually, this is about to get as twisted and messy as it could be. It’s not a completely original idea, but the execution is quite watchable and entertaining.

(Credit: Millenium Media)

Till Death (2021) was directed by SK Dale and written by Jason Carvey. Emma (Megan Fox) has been cheating on her husband Mark (Eoin Macken), managing partner at a law firm, with Tom (Aml Ameen), who’s one of the lawyers there. Mark was the attorney who processed the man who a long time ago assaulted her. Mark has planned some surprises for their anniversary, seemingly trying to rekindle their relationship. Seemingly is the operative word here.

What happens next, is a very simple horror/thriller of a scenario that is very well filmed and decently executed. Props are owed to Megan Fox’s performance of Emma, which might first strike you as tired. It’s actually from the perspective of a woman that is done with the entire life she’s been living and finds the horrific scenario she’s been thrown in the proverbial icing of very shitty cake. You will either feel empathetic to her plight, or not but Fox is really giving it what I believe would be the proper characterization to her attitude. She’s been a victim, she’s walked that path, she’s not a victim anymore and she’s intending to survive all the odds thrown at her.

On the other hand, every single other character here, which is male, seems to be trying to right her agenda to fit their purposes. When Emma ends up chained to a dead body, you soon realize she’s not waiting to be saved. She’s been put to the limit way too many times and is willing to do anything to survive. Things escalate, people will show up and people will get killed as Emma soon learns her attacker (Callan Mulvey) is back to settle the score. What none of these idiots realize is that keeping Emma from what she really wants – a way out – means she’s not going down easy nor willing to plead for her life either.

Seriously, Megan Fox is literally the action lead here. She’s working against the odds, and the very meticulously calculated plan of a vindictive man that does not intend to let her walk away. The filmmakers use their isolated secluded location to its maximum potential, making this film look slick and elegant. You might find the setup a little melodramatic but I think it does set the stage very adequately. As for the usual horror tropes, they’re here but most of the wrong decisions do have their explanation.

Highly recommended. It’s a smart vehicle for both horror and thriller genres that doesn’t oversell its lead star and at the same time doesn’t undermine her character. You can feel the sarcasm and frustration of Megan Fox’s characterization as a woman who is tired of the role she’s been forced to play and more than ready to break free of it, which is why I think this performance might have felt cathartic as hell for her. There’s an accidental streak of dark comedy at the way that she’s done with living a lie and being controlled which I couldn’t help but find hilarious. I’d love to have seen this film with an audience. Very much worth a watch.

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