My Quebeçois friends might know him as Goldorak.

I don’t have much history with Grendizer. He was a contemporary fellow mecha to Mazinger Z, I saw a few episodes of his own series that made its way to South America and I vaguely recall watching a feature in which he appeared along side a bunch of other Go Nagai characters. That being said, I recognize his appearance and appreciate the half-moon bladed weapons he wields. I don’t remember if he sported a different name in Spanish. The model’s design will be familiar to anybody following the Infinitism model kit series, but we get some clever details made for this figure in particular.

A detail that you might notice regarding the “clown spikes” on his arms is how there is one strategically placed that can be pulled and curved, a bending effect if you will so that Grendizer can bend his elbow. In the original anime this spikes can open and be curved forward (see the “rocket punch” image) which of course doesn’t really happen, you have to switch to a “spikes-out” alternate piece for the arms. I’m not a fan of the Double Spazer wing that you can put on his back, it doesn’t really add anything. On the other hand, I love the double half-moon bladed staff, makes him look badass. Technically I’m supposed to take out the blades off his shoulders when the weapons are out since that’s where they’re supposed to be “kept” but I prefer them on all time to complete the look.

That will do for now.