The 25th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival has been announced as a virtual event across Canada once more. The festival will get scheduled screenings and premieres as well as panels and workshops from August 5 through August 25, 2021. The video platform from Festival Scope and Shift72 is once again being used. The Fantasia team has also unveiled the poster for the 25th anniversary, a creation of known illustrator Donald Caron.

The opening film will be BRAIN FREEZE, a horror comedy of the zombie genre. A wealthy gated community off the island of Montreal is ravaged by a fast-spreading virus, with a lot of social commentary and an incidental reflection of the current situation although it was filmed in the pre-pandemic era during our winter months. The movie was actually interrupted a few days before wrapping up due to the lockdown and later completed.

BRAIN FREEZE was written and directed by Julien Knafo. It stars Iani Bédard, Roy Dupuis and Marianne Fortier. Fantasia’s programming will be announced in several waves, as usual, during the next months leading to the start of the festival in August.

That will do for now.