Spoilers might have you on their sights already.

It’s violent, a lot of times. It’s fun, several times. What it’s not is politically biased, unless you think it’s biased to take both extreme sides of the current american political spectrum and satirize them to hell. Technically it’s a dark comedy that satirizes how people speak more than how they act. It also has an over-the-top approach to violence and gore that belongs more in the comedy than the horror camp, and that may be a strength rather than a weakness.

(Credit: Blumhouse Productions)

The Hunt (2020) is directed by Craig Zobel and written by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof. It is the non-subtle dark comedy full of violence that mocks both sides of the political aisle. Not seriously, of course but it does bring its worst stereotypical depictions to the foreground. The ultra conservatives are the hunted, the pc-obsessed liberals are the hunters. There are no good guys, there are no bad guys. It’s painfully obvious that the more that someone is balls deep into its fanatical devotion to its political side, the more stupid they are and the quicker they get killed.

I had fun with this film. It starts with twelve people, and jumps around a few of the characters, having you guess which is the actual protagonist you can latch onto. You get Emma Roberts, Ike Barinholtz, Ethan Suplee, and an assortment of other personalities that might not make it to the finish line. It’s going to be impossible to do this review without mentioning the great revelation that is Betty Gilpin in this film. She’s a no-nonsense machine full of brawn and brains, and you will be cheering for her in no time. Definitely the best performance of the film.

There’s a revelation ahead for a big name actress that will play the big bad villain, but unfortunately the movie chooses to blow off that big secret right before anybody gets to uncover it. I guess they felt they needed some big exposition moment before the climax, but I found it deflated the reveal. Nevertheless, the movie is a lot of mindless gory fun, not horrific but definitely a case of cartoonish blow-em-up. I found it a guilty pleasure of escapist fun that pokes fun at the worst of the worst politically tinted extremists on both sides.

Strongly recommended for the fans of action and genre movies who love their violence and gore mixed with a few WTF moments and a lot of dark comedy. Some performances are as cartoonishly villainous as the violence served. If gore is a turnoff, you’re in the wrong movie. It doesn’t take a political side, but it’s not really making fun of a particular ideal. It’s really satirizing what is already ridiculous about the way people express extreme and disjointed political views. So, forget which side you’re on and make sure you’re not caught unarmed and you should have a grand ole time. Just make sure not to take anything seriously.

That will do for now.