Jetfire/Skyfire has always had a story for the ages. He starts as a Decepticon, he’s friends with Starscream, he gets frozen, he comes back and changes alliances and often he’s either frozen again or disappears in battle. The one constant, is that he’s always a scientist or a high tech expert of sorts. He’s been a fan favourite, but his official form has rarely matched the cartoon, until now.

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But if the story of the character is complex, the story of the toy is even more. He started as a diaclone, then got added to the Hasbro roster although he was the same mold than the Macross (aka Robotech) line’s VF-1S Super Valkyrie prompting a legal battle. Because of that, he was referred as Skyfire in the cartoon, with a different design than the action figure.

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There has been already third-party attempts at recreating the cartoon version – and they’re hard to get. I expected the Siege version to have a similar fate, so I had to go into a pre-sale to nab one. I knew not to expect any diecast or masterpiece-like features but I feel this version really gives the third-party ones a run for their money. The figure is heavy, despite having a lot of hollow parts. The details for the robot mode have been carefully thought out.

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So have the details for the alt mode. The space jet looks every bit the part from the right angle, except from below. Obviously, there had to be a bad angle, and like most Autobots it’s the underside. Other than that, it’s exactly the same large scale aircraft from the cartoon. Although most figures require you to see them with nostalgia lenses, I’d dare to say this one is pretty much spot on.

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The jet has that whoosh quality when you pick it up. Obviously you’re picking it up from its focal point and from there the figure feels solid enough for a lot of whooshing. The view from the side might require some of your generosity, but not much. There’s no obvious gaps and only a very trained eye might catch the nose seems to be slightly pointing downwards. It’s still sturdy enough despite the empty spaces and it won’t look too bad.

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The winner is the robot mode, of course. That is G1’s Skyfire i.e. Jetfire and he’s got enough accessories included to arm him up to the cyber-teeth. The double-barrel shotgun turns into two separate rifles. All the cannons accept the blast effects, even the thrusters. Arming him up feels a little counter-scientific, but I’ve always thought that it was inevitable for Jetfire to use his speed, his flight abilities and his firepower for battle. Although I’d rather slap on the mask and the Decepticon sign if he’s going to go all out.2019-09-15 10.56.20

The breastplate… is not really to my liking, but at least it can be used to store the alternate mask. It doesn’t fit as snug. The alternate mask does have its own vibe, and even has a way to conduct the light piping. Although, I must say with the non-removable backpack there’s little to no chance in getting some light there.

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And now, some comparisons. First and foremost, the reunion with the original G1 Jetfire, the centre of the all the legal trouble.

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And finally, the reunion with his long lost buddy, Starscream (that’s actually Meteor, of course). Turning him Decepticon is easy as pie with his rotating insignia.

2019-09-15 11.08.24

I think my conclusion is that at least this Jetfire looks and feels the part and is easier to get. Although it’s supposed to measure up with the Siege series, it has the height and the look to occupy the masterpiece shelf without any complaints.

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Considering all the hard-to-get options and the fact that this is an official version, I think this should be at the top of your list if you’ve ever been a fan of the character or the toy itself.

That will do for now.