I’ve been a bit flummoxed about ComicCon lately. I love the cosplay, I love making random connections over some obscure character, but I hardly participate in all the hoopla about the special guests. I usually will find myself more obsessed with the action figures and/or some particular piece of merch. I do splurge a bit on some useless trinket once every other convention. The primary focus for me ends up being the cosplayers and the panels. I did attend a couple of panels thanks to a friend’s recommendation this year, but I’m never sure if I need to attend all three days to capture all possible cosplay craft. I often think that putting the gallery up here, as much hits it gets, is not a guarantee I end up with more readers. Anyhow, I still enjoyed the heck out of this year.

Thank you so much for another year. Perhaps one of these I’ll finally get myself back into cosplay again. If you find yourself in the pictures, thank you very much for posing! I always appreciate when cosplayers put in the effort of getting into character.

That will do for now.