Spoilers will be sad, dazed and confused.

Yeah… I’m not sure if someone lost the conclusion and just decided to use one of the drafts that was discarded earlier. The point is the show decided to go way, way out there to just bring misery. I mean, it started decently enough. They were committed to the idea of Daenerys suddenly becoming the final boss. But did we get enough satisfaction to call this one a finale? Because really, it feels like this one was the ending nobody wanted. I can’t believe David Benioff and D. B. Weiss actually envision this lukewarm finale. Yes, some of the characters do get some sort of compromised peace, but it does feel like misery for others.

The most anti-climatic part of this outcome is that the fabled Iron Throne ends up being almost irrelevant. The thing becomes molten scrap metal. We don’t get to see anybody physically on the throne. We do witness the coronation of Sansa as Queen in the North, which is awesome. On the other hand, the show doesn’t really care about showing up the coronation of the King of the Six Kingdoms. The entire payoff to the war for the throne is a bit of a letdown.

Highs, Lows and the Throne is Gone:

  • There’s a metaphor of sorts on the Iron Throne being melted away by Drogon. I feel that inadvertently it shows how too many subversions screwed up the entire war for the throne beyond repair.
  • Daenerys gets a twist of the knife. Not from Arya, mind you, but from the only person she’s allowed to stay close to her – Jon. Obviously we have a lot to wrap up, but holy crap expand this a few episodes further and do it properly. With all this development throughout the entire series, it was beyond hope at this point. Rest in peace, Mother of Dragons. Dare I dream the books will treat you better and give you a fair ending? I can’t really say.
  • Tyrion gets some justice. He steps up to become the sacrificial lamb that will force Jon to decide then and now to intervene, and somehow makes it out alive. He does get to rule the Small Council as the Hand of the King. That scene felt so much like a joke… It was like watching the Avengers’ post-credit shawarma scene from the first movie being employed instead of a final battle. It was neither the time nor the place for a chuckle, really.
  • Brienne is the Captain of the Kingsguard. It’s not mentioned by anybody, although it is very obvious when she gets to write Jaime’s page in the book. Still, could someone acknowledge her as Captain of the Kingsguard, please? That could have been a true happy moment.
  • Jon gets nothing. He does not get burned by Drogon. It’s a moment that felt like foreshadowing, but Jon does not get to be King. The last of the Targaryens gets exiled back to the Night’s Watch, where he once wanted to end up. He’s broken and far away from his family. He does get to meet Ghost and Tormund again. That at least was some comfort.
  • Bran the Broken is King. I didn’t see that coming, but I guess it ties up with the Night King always going after for him. Was anybody rooting for Bran being king? I guess he can see the future, but is that really a qualification to rule? Somehow I don’t think the Three-Eye Raven was destined for the throne.
  • Arya goes on an adventure. She gets to sail into the sunset and it seems she’s happy, but I would have preferred for her to stay with Sansa.
  • Sansa gets to be Queen in the North, and keeps the kingdom independent from the rest of Westeros. I love that for her and the North, but she’s also alone. I wanted Arya, Bran and Jon to stay together. As long as one Stark remains in Winterfell, that’s as good as we can get.

That will do for now.