Spoilers are really bad at keeping secrets.

Perhaps it’s better when Jon Snow doesn’t know anything. Okey, one of the reasons the key players in Game of Thrones keep surviving is that they’re good at playing the game. The other reason is that they’re really lucky or someone that is on their side is good at playing the game. The first is the reason why Cersei is sitting in the Iron Throne, the second is the reason why Jon is still alive. If Cersei is the best at playing the game, she might actually be right for it. You don’t get to wear the crown in Westeros by pardoning everyone anymore than you get rich by signing checks.

What I mean to say, is Jon Snow is not a real player, just someone that is extraordinarily lucky to end up with the right people. Daenerys has been known to be ruthless, but she’s become overconfident and soft in the fantasy that she and Jon might still get to rule together. The things you do for the one you love.

Highs, Lows and this is the reason nobody tells Jon Snow anything:

  • Okey, Jon you blabbermouth, you’ve just about spilled the secret to your sisters now after Dany told you to zip it. On the other hand, this is good because Sansa and Arya are better at this than you are.
  • I know radar does not exist, but how come you were not expecting Euron Greyjoy to appear? I mean, he’s got ships and if I’m reading my map right, Dragonstone is just a stone’s throw away from Blackwater Bay, which is just outside King’s Landing. My point you travelled all the way from Winterfell to Dragonstone and didn’t expect Euron to hop over for an ambush?
  • Jaime makes loves to Brienne… And then breaks her heart by leaving her. That’s going to be a high price to pay. Even higher than the two Lannister brothers offering Highgarden to Bronn.
  • Arya and the Hound are reunited. At this point, I trust Arya to be the one to close Cersei’s eyes. Unless we want to go with the prophecy… By which, I think it might just be Jaime. Then again, I don’t think Jaime would survive killing his sister.
  • I have to give it to with Varys though, you root for the best ruler. However, it’s the best player that wins. In this episode, Cersei is the undisputed champion.
  • Rest in peace, Missandei. I honestly thought Cersei was just going to push her off.
  • Rest in peace, Rhaegal. Hey at least you were not killed by a Valyrian dagger.
  • So, obviously what the episode meant to accomplish was to renew the audience hatred for Cersei. However, it also showed how conflicted Dany’s advisors are. Now that Varys knows Jon’s heritage, he could easily become a wildcard for someone to use – and not necessarily in Jon’s favour.
  • Yes, bad things happen to Northmen down south. Jon should’ve stayed King in the North. I feel Sansa still has a role to play than just show up when the war is over. Obviously Jaime does, and that’s why he’s on his way down there.

That will do for now.