Spoilers will drop by to warm their bones in the fireplace and take a cup of wine.

Daenerys was recognized as the queen by everyone now. I know it’s just my opinion, but it seemed to me that Sansa Stark acted a lot more like a ruler than Daenerys or anybody else in the show. She certainly seemed to command more presence. Anyhow, since everyone has arrived at Winterfell and bent the knee, I guess it’s time to start fighting some White Walkers. Almost.

Before we get to do that, we first must knight one more fighter. Brienne of Tarth finally becomes Ser Brienne of Tarth. Tradition is upheld, but seems a little too late. It’s an act of camaraderie, of fellowship, of knighthood but done in the last minute. Still, it’s something that stood out.

Highs, Lows, this wait blows:

  • Yeap, this episode still doesn’t have a death nor a battle in it. War is supposedly beginning the very next episode. In the meantime, the show spent its runtime tying or unleashing loose ends.
  • I did like the relaxed chilled feel of having former enemies banter in front of the fire as they find themselves unlikely partnered for the oncoming battle. Whether that merits an entire episode in the shortest and final season, it might be up for debate.
  • Jon goes into the crypt to look at the effigy of Lyanna Stark only for Daenerys to find him and the truth of Jon’s heritage to come out. Honestly, I wish this secret would have not involved us time-traveling with Bran because that may be the way that the audience knows it’s factually accurate but not the way that Jon or Daenerys learns it. This becomes obvious by Dany’s reaction – this could be a lie or even worse, true enough to put her alliance with Jon in serious danger.
  • I agree with Daenerys in her conversation with Ser Jorah Mormont. Tyrion has made too many mistakes. I’m not sure if owning up to them is the correct term. He used to be pragmatic and ruthless, and now he leads with his feelings and ideals which is how almost everyone else has gotten killed. I would love for Tyrion to have a win soon.
  • I think nobody expected Jaime Lannister to actually get executed, or at least I never saw him in danger. Yes, he’s killed and being involved into a lot fowl decisions, but he’s in the good guys’ castle. Actually, I had to be remembered about a lot of interactions in this episode, particularly why Theon Greyjoy is actually hugged by Sansa when he pledges to fight for Winterfell.
  • I feel that Sansa has grown as both a character and a presence in the show to outshine Daenerys as a ruler. She already did that last season to outshine Jon as a military commander for sure. The only thing that could hold her back has been taken care of (Littlefinger) so now she’s ready to go toe to toe with Cersei. I’m not sure about Daenerys – she’s not much without her dragons.
  • Maisie Williams is 22. Arya Stark does start so much younger in the books but plenty of years have passed. So, I’m not judging either for the scene with Gendry. That being said, I never saw her having a crush on Gendry Baratheon. Sorry, but it kind of felt out of the blue. That being said, there’s a big battle coming so I’m not sure if this timing would be the best or the worst.
  • It did felt almost a little comedic to have all the previous enemies sitting around the fire trading stories, ending with a song for Podrick. It was worth it to see Brienne knighted, even if it was by Jaime. Technically, yes. She’s a knight. In reality she’s been knight in all but name for a long time already.
  • If the next episode takes place in Dorne, I’m not going to be sure how I’m going to take it. Enough stalling. War. Now.

That will do for now.