Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not a fan of Optimus Prime, the character. Once known as Orion Pax, a cop from Iacon that later became a Prime, the leader of the Autobots, the saviour of the universe and robot Jesus. In the original show, he was the one that always knew right from wrong and was willing to put his life on the line, specially where humans were concerned. A virtue-signaling white knight that was still supposedly an average Joe. Nope, I don’t buy it. But, I did buy the toy.

I know Takara Tomy’s MP-44 is on the works. I know it’s supposed to be an even better version of Prime. That being said, I also know it will be in the crazy price range. The MP-10 mold is really enough for me, and the fact that I could get for less due to it being the Hasbro version rather than the Takara Tomy one works fine. I also know you’ve probably read enough reviews of this mold to know everything I’m going to write and more. I know I am several years too late to post this. Even so, we’re doing this people. I can’t skip this one.

The Leader of the Autobots

Concept-wise as a toy, I have nothing against it. A tractor trailer cab that turns into a massive robot. It has a pretty sweet transformation, although it does that whole fake grill swap. I should point out that this is not the Takara Tomy MP-10 version but the American Hasbro version. I found it quite fitting since Convoy is really painted to look very American indeed. The blue is lighter, more toy-like shade, more in line with the original cartoon aesthetic. Other than that, it’s exactly the same MP-10 mold and transformation.

The Matrix of Leadership

Being the same mold, it also includes the very same Matrix of Leadership, as well as his rifle that folds and stores onto his back. The two grills and the smokestacks are chromed. I can’t feel any outside-facing diecast but his legs are hefty. The arms are quite long to the point that they come down to his knees. It’s better to keep his arms bent at the elbows to avoid that altogether. The rifle is his classic rifle, except that because of the gimmick that it folds into his backpack it looks a bit smaller to me. Not too much, just slightly in a smaller scale. Between the two chest windows, there’s a gap left on robot mode that is gone on alt mode. No big issues though.

The original and still the best truck mode.

The alt mode is really well done. It’s a pretty sweet truck that looks exactly like the one that appeared in the original animated show. Yes, this version comes with the trailer although I find I don’t particularly need the trailer. It’s nice to have and you can store the axe in there as well as roller and the worthless Spike figure.

The trailer play set works as a repair center too.

I will accept that the whole thing does work well as a playset for the smaller figures, but obviously you have to take roller out if you want to fit another vehicle in there. Of course, you do have to take out roller if you want it to fit.

Yes, Sideswipe fits.

Here’s Masterpiece Sideswipe being loaded into the trailer. You can also see how Roller can be outfitted with the gun and how the crane-like cockpit can be made to come out the top. Now, let’s get some vanity shots with some fellow Autobots.

Transform and roll out!

Here we go! This is everyone on alt mode. That’s Jazz (MakeToys Downbeat) in the lead because he is a Porsche 944 race car after all. Sideswipe (Takara Tomy MP-12) is a Lamborghini Countach and therefore fast but not as fast as a race car. Bumblebee (Takara Tomy MP-21) is last because he is a Volkswagen Beetle and also because he sucks.

The line up

Here’s a side to side size comparison. This is a pretty good average Masterpiece scale, I’d say.  You are not going to get a perfect scale in the Transformers toys regardless, but Masterpiece cars are more or less consistent. Perhaps Bee is a bit on the small side. And obviously this is a third party version of Jazz (MakeToys Downbeat).

A smattering of Autobots

I am glad to have this version of Optimus Prime. It’s been a standard for Masterpiece versions for a while and the Autobots should have their leader. I am glad that IDW made Optimus more into a fallible, flawed character that has been entrusted with all the responsibility. Personally, I see the Autobots and the Decepticons more as factions which several people in command. They still need a figurehead at the lead and I know that’s always going to be Optimus.

One more photo op here. Let’s have the two factions meet.

Just after this picture was taken, Ravage tried to eat Bumblebee

More than anything, I think this version of Optimus fits really well with the Takara Tomy MP-36 Megatron. I could’ve pulled all the robots from the shelves and make this a huge picture but this sample is enough. Sometimes less is more. This shot is as representative of the G1 cartoon as any other. I’m trying to be more selective of what I get to prevent myself from running out of space, and you know, money. That being said, most of my collection remains to be reviewed, so there’s some figures yet to be seen.

That will do for now.