Spoilers might come out of the mud something something.

Yeah, I know I could’ve worked on a better opening line but I had very little time to come up with some lines this week. First of all, finally it’s not going to be a lesson in how the real evil was mankind’s folly. In celebrated non-ironic and for the most part non-sarcastic way, this week the show runners actually didn’t go for the soapbox stand. No preaching this week and we got some actual monsters. Hooray. That being said, a bit of a muddy episode but we got Alan Cummings. Gotta take our positives where we can find them.

(Source: BBC)

Highs, lows and wipe your muddy feet before you come in:

  • We’ll start with the best part. There are monsters and they are scary and they need to be defeated. The show tried its best to portray some scary paranormal monsters and for the most part succeeded. When the Morax are finally revealed, I was relieved more than scared. Proper monsters in Doctor Who, will wonders never cease.
  • Alan Cummings steals the spotlight as King James I.
  • It’s the 17th century and there’s misogyny because of course there is. “If I was still a bloke, I could get on with the job and not have to waste time defending myself,” quips the Doctor – and, I suspect, also Jodie Whittaker herself.
  • The solution and execution of the climax was… well, muddy. It’s literally something quick and not too logical and it feels it was made up in a hurry and tacked on at the very last minute.
  • There’s a lot of obvious confusion and runaround that fills most of the episode’s running around time. I hate to say it, but it’s a premise with potential but flatline basic execution. I’ll bump it up to a positive outcome because the show legitimately went for the scary angle.

That will do for now.