I don’t rate movies in reviews. Instead, my intention is always to find an audience for them and based on that audience, make a recommendation from light to high with the rare extreme cases. In any case, I might have reservations that I feel that audience should know. However, there are those cases in which I can’t imagine an audience at all, and therefore I can’t really recommend the film.


Director Yoko Yamanaka brings us Amiko. Amiko (Aira Sunohara) is a high school teenager that obsesses easily. After an incidental conversation with classmate Aomi (Hiroto Oshita), she can’t seem to forget the event even years after. The movie follows Amiko’s days which seem to pass with her just watching her classmates or hanging out with her friend Kanako (Maiko Mineo).

Amiko herself seems to lack direction and once fixated in any obsession she can’t seem to let go. We follow as her obsession with Aomi ends up in her stalking another former classmate just to find his whereabouts. Amiko herself seems devoid of character, easily becoming content just shouting along with a random deranged stranger on the street.

Not all movies need to have a plot. They do, however, need to have something of a character in them. Amiko herself is not endearing, but lost. I wanted to feel some empathy for her, but I never felt like the character had any redeeming quality or guilty flaw that the audience might find enthralling. Don’t get me wrong, the performances are well done. I just couldn’t find anything in the movie that captured my interest.

Not recommended. The performances are good, but although I can only guess the movie is character-driven I found nothing that pulled me in. At an hour and six minutes, the movie felt like it last three hours. You can make a movie without momentum but not without charm. You can make a stoic character that still exhibits something interesting. I couldn’t find anything that could keep my attention in this film, and so the only thing I can do is leave Amiko alone.

That will do for now.