What if you could change your appearance to anybody else you touch, along with having their thoughts and their memories? What if you had to do it to remain alive? Think of it as a case of identity theft with an imminent expiration date. However in the case of this story, our shapeshifter does also have a selfish goal: he’s in love.


Director Justin McConnell brings us the story of Drew, the ultimate shapeshifter with his film Lifechanger. You’ll first meet him as Emily, then Freddie, Sam, Rachel and so on. It’s not solely murderous intent. Drew’s body eventually gives out and starts to rot. He must then absorb a new identity to regenerate anew.

His obsession is a woman called Julia (Lora Burke from Fantasia 2017’s Poor Agnes). Julia is charming and easy on the eyes. Drew can’t stop thinking about her, and each time he obtains a new identity he manages to go back to the bar that he knows she frequents.

Here’s the one movie in which I can kind of excuse narration to have a place. It is usually a cop out and it feels lazy, but in this case it has the recourse of playing exposition to a character that remains on the screen with a different appearance. Could it have been down without the play-by-play voiceover? I’d like to think so, if given more time so that we could recognize the same traits over each new persona, but I’ll give in this one time.

Highly recommended for Fantasia fans and fans of the unusual. It’s not a nice story, but it is well told. Past the initial reveal, you quickly settle in with the idea that you are watching the same character through each incarnation. You are almost ready to root for him to get his goal but he’s not a machine, nor a saint. He often messes up and always needs to be aware of his limited expiration date. This is one movie that never overstayed its welcome: I wanted it to keep going.

That will do for now.