The first time you hear about this film, it sounds a bit silly. The film is about some very silly people taking silly decisions, but there’s a brain moving the wires. There’s no way to combine dialog from the same person into the same scene, and yet this movie does it and makes it look natural. Seriously, you might as well have a time machine for real.


Mega Time Squad is director Tim Van Dammen’s creation. It’s very New Zealand-ish with characters that although dim and not very law-abiding seem to have a certain innocence to them. Johnny (Anton Tennet) and Gaz (Arlo Gibson) may not be very bright, but they are definitely not mean. The only true villain is local kingpin Shelton (Johnny Brugh) who seems to order everyone around including the local authorities.

After pulling off an impromptu caper outside of his boss’ orders, Johnny finds himself alone against the entire band of dimwit criminals. Alas, he’s got an unfair advantage. A Chinese thingamajig gives him the gift of traveling a few minutes back in time. Now he can recruit himself in the past and form a gang of his own! Wait, wouldn’t that cause a paradox… Yeah, let’s worry about that one never.

To make things more interesting, Johnny has caught the eye of Shelton’s sister, Kelly (Hetty Gaskell-Hahn). She obviously fancies him, although the Johnny’s not bright enough to figure it out. That means that none of his other time instances is bright either.

Recommended if you’ve ever wanted to see time travel used in the wrong way exponentially. The times in which you see Johnny talking to himself start awkwardly but once the misuse becomes abuse, the confusion goes into overdrive and so does the fun. You might want to leave your time travel theories at the door.

That will do for now.