Spoilers might show up in a box in your dreams.

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This post covers last week (Laura is the one) and this week’s (There’s fire where you are going) episodes of Twin Peaks. The Horne family is pretty messed up. Richard Horne goes after Miriam, the person who ID’d him at the hit and run scene. He beats her up and blows up her trailer. We then get to see officer Chad grabbing a letter… From Miriam Hodges. Strangely enough, Miriam’s last name is Sullivan in the credits. I don’t see Lynch making this mistake. Miriam is critically wounded, but manages to make it to this week’s episode and hopefully get some help.

Richard Horne continues racking up the negative karma points as he literally wrenches money away from his grandmother. If you think there was a hint of redemption, it has been taken forcibly away by his latest actions.

Steven Burnett is not making a case for himself either. He and Becky are known for terrible fighting. It started last episode and this week Becky decided to take a gun and hunt him down. Steven takes all the blame for that, but Becky almost kills her mother with the car. Becky is Shelley Briggs (formerly Shelley Johnson) and Bobby Briggs’ daughter. They are apparently separated. Bobby still has feelings for her, but she’s obviously seeing Red.

And for Dougie Jones, the latest attempt on his life backfired. Anthony Sinclair from Lucky 7 Insurance, tried to frame him with Rodney and Bradley Mitchum (the owners of the Silver Mustang casino) telling them Dougie was responsible for the delay in their insurance claim after their hotel burned down. Luckily, and we know this is not just pure luck, Bradley ended having a dream just before Dougie was sent with their check. Dougie is picked up carrying a box that contained exactly what Bradley had dreamt about: a cherry pie. Of course it also helped that the brothers found the check for them. Now Dougie is in the Mitchum brother’s good graces.

In Buckhorn, Ohio, the FBI team of Gordon, Albert, Tammy and Diane follow a lead given by Hastings. It’s the place where he and the late Ruth Davenport supposedly enter the alternate dimension. Gordon sees the portal to this dimension, and these dirty, bearded men that appear and disappear. Diane also sees one right next to the car that holds Hastings, an instant before his head explodes. They also find the rest of Ruth Davenport’s body along with a series of numbers on her arm.


  • Gordon Cole is David Lynch’s literal opposite: he says everything too loud and re-states the obvious even though we already know.
  • Dougie Jones keeps giving hints of Dale Cooper’s personality. He also seems to have luck and charisma on his side.
  • Richard Horne is the pitch dark black sheep of the Horne family. We expect him to meet a well deserved punishment soon.
  • “Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively”. Who’s Diane talking to?
  • Gordon has a vision of Laura Palmer.
  • Diane’s nails are painted in different colors.
  • The investigation with Sheriff Frank Truman and Deputy Chief Hawk keeps getting tips from Margaret (the log lady). After Hawk describes black fire in an ancient map that represents key spiritual places in Twin Peaks, Margaret calls again to tell him, “there’s fire where you’re going.”
  • Bobby still loves Shelley. Becky can see it still hurts him to see her ex-wife meeting another man.
  • The accidental shooting at the Double R Diner seems completely random, but Bobby pays considerable attention to two things. One is the kid who fired that gun, who doesn’t seem to regret one bit (the stance of the kid is weird, it reminded me of the Man From Another Place).
  • The other is the car behind the van of the family of the kid, which won’t stop honking. In that car, Bobby encounters a woman that is desperate and annoyed that she’s going to be late and keeps referring to someone else in the car being sick. We see nobody until a girl stretches up from the passenger’s seat in a zombie-like manner, dribbling something from her mouth.
  • Bobby and Albert have each one hell of a report to write.
  • Diane doesn’t seem to like Tammy Preston one bit. Actually more than a few people resent Tammy’s presence. But I think there’s also the fact that some of them, like Denise, think Tammy is using Gordon to further her career. Is Tammy hiding something? Doesn’t seem that way, since the times we’ve seen her uncover anything – and she has, she’s good with details – she’s brought it fair and square to Gordon.
  • Tammy Preston existed as a character since her annotations appeared in The Secret History of Twin Peaks. She’s not going away anytime soon.
  • There’s a lot, a lot more but I’ve got my limits, so…

That will do for now.