Spoilers. Go watch some more TV.

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Sometimes a show goes full nuke the fridge so much that it suddenly paints itself into a corner. I think that’s what happened this week with Preacher and this week’s Dallas. We had Jesse go full Genesis on all of Viktor’s men. I thought he’d run into a wall after Tulip hit him with the full reveal. As it turns out, no such luck. Jesse’s still mad and he’s stringing up Viktor in the torture room. Viktor is not helping his case either.

So, obviously this can’t go further. The antidote is a little visit to Dallas, post the incident. Apparently Jesse and Tulip lived together for a bit, trying to make ends meet with bartending and real state. They were trying for a baby, but it wasn’t happening. Jesse later discovers Tulip has been doing jobs again for Dany. Dany being sort of their criminal “agent” that always has a job that needs to get done.

Back in the present, Tulip returns to the Dennis estate to confront Cassidy. She believes Cassidy sent Jesse on purpose because he knows what would happen. Cassidy plays it both ways, which is his modus operandi of late. He tells Tulip he will fix his own mess. Once he finds Jesse, he tells him that in his position he’d probably want to put the hurt on to the person real bad. Jesse of course doesn’t go full Vader and lets the man down. Literally undoes the previous episode, which is why the show needs to use some backstory to cover it. I just don’t want to see this happening over and over but a lot of shows do this.

This is the part in which Cassidy is an ambiguous character. Reverse psychology or is he trying to conspicuously separate Jesse and Tulip? I’ve read the comics, but I don’t think the answer is necessarily following the same lines. Remember what Cassidy was told. If he really had killed Viktor, Tulip will dump Jesse for good. It doesn’t have to play the same way though. I’m glad for it being inconclusive.


  • Viktor’s little girl is not Tulip’s daughter. She is, definitely, Viktor’s daughter though.
  • The Saint of Killers takes out everyone in Viktor’s mansion, including Viktor. He seems to spare his daughter when she tells him she know where Jesse is.
  • That means that the Saint of Killers might also come for Dennis, who’s going to speak him in French and then receive a bullet. Adieu, Dennis.
  • Cassidy has feelings for Tulip. Is he being a good friend to Jesse, though? I tend to like ambiguous characters that walk the good and the evil line since they have to be really crafty to keep the audience guessing. I’m choosing to believe that the show will do its own thing here, and not necessarily follow the comics.
  • However, you can feel Cassidy already telegraphing signals when he tells Jesse that people always forget the kind of person he is and suddenly expect him to be something he’s not. It feels like Cassidy telling Jesse not to trust him here.
  • The whole Jesse going Sith on Viktor’s goons was done only to be undone. We literally could not have him kill a single father. He actually just kills one person, the torturer. It was lucky he kills the single non-redeemable person (I’m being sarcastic, it was written that way). The show literally has to show a backstory because it’s backtracking away.
  • Jesse has always had a dark side, I wasn’t surprised in the least with the pure rage reaction he has in this episode.
  • The whole thing about Jesse admiring John Wayne comes from the comics, where John Wayne is a Ben-Kenobi-like ghostly adviser.

That will do for now.