Tilt was a cold chill running down your spine. That’s not because there’s a killer out by the window, but because the very person you’re sleeping with might be having homicidal thoughts.


Director Kasra Farahani brings us Tilt. Joe Burns (Joseph Cross) is a filmmaker trying to follow on his first documentary four years ago. Joanna is pregnant with their unplanned child. Joe seems distant, aloof, looking for the name of a Japanese tourist. Something terrible happened to this tourist. Joe might be involved.

The news are not encouraging for Joe. A rather polarizing character is running for President. His documentary seems to be going nowhere. Joanna is doing extra nurse shifts. She wants Joe to get a stable job, but tries not to pressure him.

Joe is getting antsy. He’s slowly becoming unhinged. He starts creeping on people, stalking them, harassing the on corners. And there’s one homeless guy that sleeps in the overpass. Joe can’t help but stare at him as well as a couple of cinder blocks next to him.

Why is this happening to Joe? Was it really a product of our times that is making him into what he fears or was that always there, under the surface? That’s left out of scope. It’s not the point of why is Joe losing his mind. It’s the slowed down process of insanity as the days seem to go on forever that have him failing to get a grasp on the situation.

The ending is just a little anti-climatic but that’s what the story called for. And it’s a bit of a shame that in keeping the slow descent into madness we end up with a great story with no frills and no thrills. The psychological tension does pile up, but there’s no big explosions that the film can capitalize on to bring a crowd.

Recommended for fans of psychological thrillers that appreciate the slow build of a good thriller with no frills involved. Unfortunately, not everyone will be a fan as life starts normal and gradually reveals things that are just a bit off. If you’re expecting an explosion of blood and guts, you might want to look elsewere. But if you want to see a character built and then torn down then this is just what you didn’t know you need.

That will do for now.