Spoilers are double in this entry.

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Preacher took a turn to Mumbai Sky Tower last week. With the Saint of Killers on their tail, that’s not a bad idea given that even shot by a convention of gun enthusiasts the guy is still coming at ya. I did love Cassidy’s reference to the Terminator movies. To up the ante their hometown of Annville has been destroyed by a freak accident

As it happens, the guy that Cassidy has been seeing on TV is not only the Amazing Ganesh, but one of the angel duo that were trying to recover Genesis from Jesse on Season 1. It’s Fiore. DeBlanc is permanently deceased. Fiore has been making a living by killing himself on stage and regenerating on the spot. The reason why he becomes a person of interest is that he’s the only one that can call off the Saint of Killers.

Things take a turn for even more hijinx as Jesse proposes to Tulip and an known associate of the mysterious Viktor wants something out of Tulip. Of course that throws a wrench in Tulip’s plans while Cassidy is embarked on a mission of his own. He’s asked 2 hours 45 minutes from Jesse to convince Fiore/Ganesh that he should call off the cowboy.

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Cassidy’s approach to this task is, well, unconventional. He exposes Fiore to all sorts of recreational drugs to make him love life again. The result is unclear. Fiore seems to enjoy it for a bit, commit to call off the Saint, and wait for his arrival. We have at least establish how the extra dusty gunslinger is tracking them: every time that Jesse uses Genesis, he gives away his position like an ethereal Find My Friends app.

Except Fiore is not really happy to comply. Actually when Jesse uses Genesis to command him to find peace, Fiore gets a new resolve. After giving away Jesse’s new destination, he request that the Saint of Killers takes him out, permanently.

This week’s Damsels added a few antagonists. Jesse and his companions are in New Orleans, which makes Tulip uneasy as hell. She still won’t tell Jesse what’s going on, but it seems it has to do with Viktor. She obviously wants to lay low, which is no good when she’s recognized in the street.

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Jesse is on a mission to find God, but it seems his worst luck has found him. After receiving a tip that he should find a jazz singer named Lara, he ends up rescuing her from a kidnapping attempt. What he doesn’t know is that the whole thing was staged and Lara works for the Grail, a religious group that seems really interested in Genesis. We’re even given a quick shot of Herr K. Starr, a scary individual that leads the Sampson Unit in the Grail.

Meanwhile, Cassidy finds lodging with an old friend, Dennis. Dennis is not too thrilled to see him again. He curses at him in French, he insults Tulip but he still lets both of them stay with him. Tulip however, can’t stand still. Inviting disaster, she takes a walk to a nearby laundromat. While her back is turn, the whole place is evacuated as a group of gangsters converge on her. Seems Viktor wants a word.


  • Angel Fiore’s story thread ends. He no longer wanted to live, so he gets his wish. Unfortunately his last act is to give out the trio’s location to the cowboy.
  • For the Saint of Killers, the hunt for Genesis is a personal thing. He can sense the darn thing.
  • Eugene Root is dead and in Hell, but his story is not over yet. Seems like his eternal torture, which is him reliving the events where Tracy Loach took her own life gets interrupted as that projector that hangs from the ceiling malfunctions.
  • Eugene’s true story is even more tragic. He prevents the secret love of his life, Tracy Loach, from committing suicide over a boy. Then when he kisses her, she rejects him in such fashion that she prefers to resume killing herself. Eugene fails to prevent it, and instead ends up being framed for her death and failing to kill himself as well. The whole nice-guy-secretly-in-love-with-girl-that-only-dates-assholes trope takes one horrible twist in this story.
  • On the plus side, Eugene gets to escape his room. On the minus side, that other guy looks like Hitler. Eugene’s destiny is fucked.
  • Jesse, like most protagonists, is not the most perceptive of people and his mind is only on his end goal. Tulip doesn’t like t share her feelings. Cassidy, as much as a screwed up individual as he is, cares enough to see what each of them lack. These three individuals are just barely missing disaster at every turn.
  • Lara the jazz singer is obviously wearing a wig and when that wig didn’t come off at her home her allegiance was obvious.
  • Tulip not telling Jesse that she’s a wanted woman in New Orleans was… Well, hardly the wisest decision she’s ever taken. On the other hand, Jesse isn’t the most receptive guy when he’s on a quest. Cassidy was ready to help, though. I feel like in the end, Tulip gave herself up.

That will do for now.