Veni, vidi, vici, spoilers…

(Source: BBC)

There’s something about Scotland and the Roman Ninth Legion that just stirs up the adventure fuel in this week’s Doctor Who. The again, The Eaters of Light could refer to the Roman Empire. Or the foolish human grownups who inspired these children to fight each other. Or the fact that any hope that the two leftover survivors from both the Ninth Legion and the young Pict warriors is gone.

The difference in ages between the Doctor and his young audience, may them be centurions or warriors, plays a role here. It’s a throwback to a different generation where age and experience were revered over pure young enthusiasm. Strangely enough it is the Doctor who lights up a fire in both horde and legion to make them face their enemy.

It didn’t really mattered who their enemy was. I mean, it’s the usual CGI concoction, but the point here is that it’s seemingly undefeatable. It takes both numbers, tactics and magic to take on.

There’s a moment in which the Doctor thinks it’s up to him to chase the monsters away forever. The fact that he’s wrong is surprising to a point. There’s no chance for the Doctor to be the one sacrificing, but the fact that it’s up to both cultures does mark a change here. The Doctor is not supposed to be the protagonist for every victory of humanity, merely its guide.

A great solid episode with a classic feel.


  • Bill gets the best lines: “Is this what happens? You can understand what everyone in the universe is saying, everyone just sounds like children?”
  • The TARDIS’ translation matrix also makes people of different languages understand each other. Or perhaps it also works on us the viewers.
  • The sexuality talk this episode includes a nice role reversal: Times of old doesn’t always mean repressed view points.
  • Missy is officially out of the Vault and allowed to roam the TARDIS.
  • Death by Scotland. Again, Bill gets the best lines.
  • The Doctor mentions he was a second class roman citizen. A “Fires of Pompeii” reference for sure.
  • We’re closing in on the finale as we prepare for the first of two parts next week!

That will do for now.