Spoilers might be of Thought or Memory.

(Source: Starz)

Tonight’s episode opens with an illegal border crossing, and the appearance and subsequent killing of… Jesus? Ok, nobody will complain about the show showing any favoritism. The paradox here is that while we’ve seen other Gods die because they were forgotten, both sides here actually display their devotion to the Christian God. The people trying to cross are praying to make it across. The people that come in brandishing guns are also carrying rosaries and have christian sayings on their rifles.

All the same, Jesus dies in a storm of bullets.

The bullets as it turns out, are made in Vulcan, a town named after the company. The company is named after Vulcan himself (Corbin Bernstein), an old God acquaintance of Mr. Wednesday. He’s not the first God to call him Grimnir (another name for Odin). Vulcan survives since each bullet fired counts as a prayer in his name. He’s an old God who is prospering in this era.

Meanwhile, Laura is forced to join forces with Mad Sweeney. The odd duo ends up running into Salim, who is looking for the Jinn. As a result, the odd trio now traverses the country on Salim’s taxi. Salim wants to find the Jinn. Laura wants to find Shadow. Mad Sweeney just wants his lucky coin back, which is inside of Laura.

In the end Vulcan will betray them, but still built a sword for Mr. Wednesday. That will be his undoing.


  • Mr. Wednesday knows about Laura. He sees her in the rear view mirrow as he speeds the car with Shadow in it away from her.
  • Another proof that he is Odin. The two crows, Thought and Memory, are warning him of something as he’s trying to convince Shadow to get into the car.
  • Vulcan betrays Mr. Wednesday because of course he does.
  • Did Vulcan honestly not expect Mr. Wednesday to go apeshit with that sword the very moment he gave it to them? How did he not see that one coming?
  • The show highlights one of the more subtle features of the border crossing and illegal immigration: both sides pray to the same God.
  • We’re back at Jack’s Crocodile Bar in Indiana. There has to be some sort of mythical vortex around that place.

That will do for now.